Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zoya Schaller Is Face #70

"Zoya Schaller: Face #70," oil, 12"h x 12"w, copyright Jill Banks 2011
Zoya is Tamara Gribach's (Face #61) daughter ... part of my parent's Russian friends' family. (Okay, I know it's getting complicated ... but there are plenty of links between all of my sitters. Friends of friends. Friends of family. Fellow bloggers. Fellow artists. Etc.)

Zoya came this afternoon to sit a little tired. This morning, while I ate brunch and visited with son Sam and daughter-in-law Michelle (who were visiting for the weekend), Zoya was out on a 14-mile run with her husband. Well, that's impressive. She's a triathlete, has run a marathon, and keeps reaching toward greater athletic goals. (Kind of like my reaching for greater artistic goals.) Zoya told me to watch out for any race that had "Challenge" in its name (might mean running across a desert or something) or that mentioned a "scenic route" (which really meant you'd be running up a mountain to catch those views). (Again, I can relate.)

I was a little sluggish today (though I hadn't run 14 miles) and finished this one from photos after Zoya had sat for her four hours. (It happens.) She was a fun face to paint. Zoya wasn't worried (at all) about how the painting turned out. It would be what it would be. She was pretty happy just seeing a little of herself in it. (My photo of the finished painting is off in color -- photographed at night.)

An idea for some of my potentially restless sitters gathered from experience and advice: if you're someone who is always multitasking when chatting or watching TV (like knitting, doing origami, drawing, doodling, whittling, quilting, etc.), bring your hobby along. Or bring a book or crossword puzzle. We will either talk the whole time or talk a good bit of the time and pull out the entertainment if necessary. I do want to get at your personality (thus not doing this other thing the whole time) ... and I also want to be able to see your face.

Time to get on to preparing for tomorrow am. Bright and early class. Last day of the term for my Portrait Painting class.

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