Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Richard Suib Is Face #59

"Richard Suib: Face #59", oil, 12"h x 12"w, copyright Jill Banks 2011
Richard Suib, digital artist and husband of Mary Suib (Face #56),  came to sit for me today. He'd warned me in advance that he has the tendency to fidget (which I knew before inviting him). We were both correct about that and the process was therefore, definitely more challenging. I was using the session to both enjoy Richard's company, but also to exercise my mental/visual muscles to memorize or freeze a "frame." I think I did remarkably well and call the session a success.

Take a look at Richard's web site to see his work that generally starts with photography as a "jumping off point." See

Our discussions spanned Richard's travels and experiences researching, designing and managing exhibits throughout the world. He's been almost everywhere with only two spots where he'd rather not ever return. I won't fill in the blanks. That can be a question for him.

We talked about not ever wanting to retire. Neither of us would ever want to ... Why would we ever want to stop what we love and seem to need to do? Mary's the same way ... pursuing her dream of acting as much now as when Richard and Mary met ... quite awhile ago.

Richard had no desire to see the painting before it was done, although I did convince him to take a look at it once. All of my sitters are different ... and sometimes it seems to be a good idea to show a work in progress, and other times not. I think for Richard, our session was just about sitting there, helping me out by providing me with a fresh face, and seeing if it turned out looking something like himself.

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