Friday, January 28, 2011

Stephen Klagholz is Face #28 Today

"Stephen Klagholz: Face #28", oil, 12"h x 12"w, copyright Jill Banks 2011
Stephen Klagholz, a friend of my son Sam's, came and sat for one of my 100 Faces in 100 Days ... faces. He's great company and we had a great time! Plus, the painting pleased us both. Yea!

He left, and I said I'd post this tonight. Sam's already called and checked on my progress. Sam sent a text message to Stephen while he (Stephen) was sitting for me asking how painting was going ... so I guess I better get my act in gear and post this. I will add other photos ... and text later, perhaps but I don't want anticipation to harm anyone.

What I really appreciated was the opportunity to get to know a terrific person better ... and the chance to get to know a friend of Sam's better. With so many friendships formed away at college, we know what his friends look like, but not who they are. I can see why the two of them are friends.

Stephen's got a great outlook and I feel like he'll always heed priorities in life, with family, friends, work, enjoying life in a good balance. I talked about "quitting" a company I founded ten years ago to get reacquainted with my family (and my life) and how happy I was that I took that much dreaded step. And, how lucky I feel that my family was willing to take me back. Stephen gets the balance message. (Even though I set some challenging goals for myself, I am living a terrific, full life enjoying painting, family and friends.)

We had a great time together ... and he's been booked to sit for the Portrait class I teach on Mondays. Now, that's a good day!

More photos and thoughts later.

Oh, and I worked on Randy (Face #27) tonight, too ...  I may edit yesterday's post with a new photo today or tomorrow.

I'll be painting Face #29 at the Artist's Atelier, 1144 Walker Road, Suite G, Great Falls, VA tomorrow (Saturday, January 29) starting at 2pm.

Here's a note from Stephen ... added tonight from an email he sent me.
"Mrs. Banks!

Honestly, thank YOU so much for today. I have written up a little blip about the session from my perspective that I hope thoroughly expresses my appreciation and that you can feel free to post it on your blog, in your book, and whatever you deem fit.

If you want to learn about art, take a session with Mrs. Banks. I had such a wonderful time talking with her, hearing all about her experiences, and learning about the true meaning of art. It is not about detail, perfection, or making art your life. It is about seeing the beauty in people and things, as they are, and illustrating them in such a way that captures that beauty, that sparkle in someone's eye, and that essence of life. Mrs. Banks is a master at such depictions and sheds a glimmer of her own radiance on every work she produces. During my session, our discussions ranged from the development of me and Sam's friendship to the philosophical conjecture that moderation is the key to a happy and successful life, which we both agreed upon. My painting is stunning and - not that she needs my approval - I am flattered to have such a magnificent portrayal of myself, one that has truly shown me an angle of myself that I've never seen before. No video, photograph, or description of me has captured the way that she has and it's so special to see it. This experience has given me a newfound appreciation for art and rekindled my personal interest in it. Mrs. Banks' talents blow my mind and it will be an honor to be a subject again.

Thanks again!

OH! P.S. Meredyth and my Mom LOVED the portrait and both asked when their session is :)


Stephen Klagholz"
I'm going to have to turn into Jill Banks ... as opposed to Mrs. Banks ... since I probably won't show up on a google search for "Mrs. Banks artist". Thank you's go in both directions in all of these painting sessions. I love spending time with each of my sitters, and they really enjoy spending time experiencing something different and seeing themselves through someone else's (my) eyes. The ultimate good win-win thing. My favorite line from today was Stephen telling me that he thinks he has a twin! (The painting.)

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christine said...

What a handsome face Jill. And he sounds like a wonderful young man too.

Jerry Stocks said...

Wonderful painting, and I can't wait for my turn.