Friday, January 21, 2011

Cindy Hargroves is Face #21 in My 100 Faces in 100 Days Project

"Cindy Hargroves: Face #21", oil, 12"h x 12"w, copyright Jill Banks 2011
Cindy Hargroves came to sit for me ... because she read the blog post of Cindy Grisdela (Face #5) about sitting for my project. Thanks Cindy (Grisdela) for explaining that it's a fun and different thing to do. Cindy (Hargroves) believed you ... and emailed me to "sign up."

I'm going to say that 2011 seems to be the year that a lot of people are committing to trying something new, moving outside their comfort zone, or giving something a shot that they have always wanted to do. Lots of my faces subjects have volunteered because it's something they had never done before (and they wanted to do something outside their comfort zone). It's one of the top three reasons I hear. (The other two are volunteering to help me improve my skills as an artist while letting me do what I really want to do ... and the curiosity/learning aspects of the experience.)

This is an open grisaille (one color painting) of Cindy. How I start.
Cindy Hargroves has been trying out new things including taking a drumming class and an African dance class ... and sitting to have her alla prima portrait painted. Alla Prima means all at once, or in one sitting. These "faces" paintings are much less developed than a formal portrait and are more like an oil sketch to get the essence of my sitters versus an accurate snapshot. Today's sitting was three-and-a-half hours. Most are from 3 to 4 hours.

I keep getting to each person's mouth last ... since we're having conversations from beginning to end and I can't paint it mid-sentence. I did ask Cindy to keep her mouth still -- no talking -- for a little bit. But, I complicate things because I'm always having such a good time, I'm always smiling and it's difficult not to smile back. (You can try it when you come sit for me.) Plus, inevitably, I'll ask someone to hold his/her mouth still so I can paint it, then immediately ask them a question. Duh. This time I was about to ask a question, then stopped myself and by the time we started talking again, I'd forgotten what I wanted to know.

The painting a little further along ... on my easel.
Today I painted in my home studio ... and tomorrow and Sunday I'll be back in the Artists' Atelier to paint. Feel free to stop by on Saturday from 10am to 4pm (I'll be painting from 10am to 2pm -- but the studio will be open for regular open hours until 4pm). I'll be bringing in my three paintings I did at home -- Begona Morton (Face #19), Adrianne Pedlikin (Face #20) and Cindy Hargroves (Face #21) to put up on my Faces wall in my studio at 1144 Walker Road, Suites D&G, Great Falls, VA 22066. Those will complete my wall with its current shelving -- so husband Randy will need to add more for my next week's worth of paintings.

I love the wall. You will, too. It's amazing how powerful all these people all together. Like a room jam-packed with friends.

Cindy Hargroves taking a photo of the finished painting.
Which reminds me. One of the wonderful things Cindy told me about today was that her neighborhood all gets together for Friday Happy Hour, hosted at one of the houses with people bringing snacks to share and drinks. Neighborhood kids know neighborhood kids, everyone knows everyone. From there, they've formed other activities like a Book Club, dinner club, etc. -- but it's a wonderfully social group. How great is that? So much better than everyone leading their own separate lives -- and terrific for the kids who need those connections with those older and younger than themselves.

Okay, enough typing. I've got a show application to do ... and have to really map out a talk I'm giving next Friday to the McLean Art Club. Got to go.

Thanks, Cindy Hargroves, for sitting for me. Thanks, Cindy Grisdela, for your help in convincing her.

P.S. I forgot to mention that my 100 Faces in 100 Days Project will be exhibited in May at the Great Falls Library in Great Falls, VA. At least that's one of the places you will be able to see it. I will also be doing a solo show there in February 2012. (Something other than faces that I'll spend the following 256 days on, I guess.)

100 Faces in 100 Days Project:
Phone: 703.403.7435


Cindy said...

Jill - I had a wonderful afternoon.

Here are some of the comments I've received so far

from my cousin: What a beautiful portrait of you!

from a lifelong friend whose dad went to Parsons with my dad: Very cool! She really captured you.

from my sister: Love it! Mom would've had a million questions for the artist + said it's so 'neat.'

from a friend who is a GF artist:
Wow, Cindy, you are really getting out there and doing some fun things! That is soooo cool and exciting!. Jill is one of my favorite Great Falls painters.

facebook comments:
- I love it!!!!! (another cousin)
- Really neat!
- Lovely sweet and fun! (my college roommate who majored in art)
- Amazing!
- That is awesome!
- Yes -it is you! (cousin in Sweden)

A friend will email you because she wants her daughter to meet an artist who loves what she does (while sitting for you!)

Jill Banks said...


What terrific comments. I loved spending time with you ... and so, you are no longer a stranger!!!

100 Faces seems like a lot, but I'm getting LOTS of volunteers ... so hopefully your friend contacts me soon.

You're cool. Fun. Awesome.