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"Granddaddy" is Face #10, Only 90 More of You To Go

"Granddaddy" is Face #10, Day 10 of 100 Faces in 100 Days Project
My father-in-law, Granddaddy to my kids, Drate Banks was the model for the first day of my portrait class today. And because I'm really not crazy, my demo painting fulfills my "face" for the day.
All went well. When class was over, Drate, Randy (my husband) and I went off for a nice lunch and break. Drate then sat for me for another half hour or so (time flies faster for me) allowing me to finish up. Face #10 is complete and up on the wall. Yea! That's a milestone of sorts.

Second Appearance
This is my first time painting my father-in-law ... but he has appeared before in one of my favorite drawings. The red-chalk drawing "Granddaddy" had been juried into the Salmagundi Club's Graphic and Photography Exhibition in 2009 ... which was my first time being accepted into that prestigious show. This drawing now hangs happily in our dining room. Nice company.

"Granddaddy", red&white chalk on treated paper
Coming Up
Now I'm working at catching up on emails and mulling over setups for my still life class that starts tomorrow. After that, my dad's sitting for me as Face #11. I guess this is family week. (Mom sat on Saturday as Face #8.) This is an exciting week ... lots of fun challenges. I don't know what to expect ... particularly this coming Sunday when I may be painting my youngest face to date. On Thursday, I'm painting Oscar (the 94 year old super model from last semester's portrait class) and on Wednesday, Oscar's wife and my parents' minister, Joan.

I guess I shouldn't give away too much. Lots of other exciting people to paint coming up. Maybe I'll just leave the rest in suspense.

By the way ... keeping up with emails is SOOO much tougher during this project. Yikes. I don't actually know how many volunteers I have lined up, but it sure seems like a lot. I'll try to get a handle on that tonight and attach dates/times to everyone who has said yes they'd do it.

My wall of faces on day #10. This is hanging in my downstairs studio in Great Falls.
100 Faces in 100 Days
If you're just finding out about this project now ... I'm painting 100 Faces in 100 Days. Alla prima (meaning all at once). Volunteers agree to sit for 2-1/2 to 4 hours for me. No pay. I keep the painting for future exhibit(s) and publishing in a book. The sittings are actually fun and we get to know each other -- lots of conversation -- and you get to learn more about the painting process. This is a tremendous exercise for me that will inevitably help me grow as an artist and let me understand and enjoy capturing my favorite subjects: all of you! In addition to putting up a post each day on my face of the day, I also have a 100 Faces project page on my web site: that you can visit with links back to each blog post. Pretty fancy.

Great Email from Face #7 (Will Tuthill) on the Joys of Sitting
I got this note yesterday from Will and can't resist sharing it. (With his permission.)
Hello Jill,

Just got a chance to take a look at "my" post on your blog. You definitely captured something of my likeness, my spirit. I'll never forget that moment when I looked at your painting of me on Friday after you said something to the effect of, "You should come take a look. Something interesting is happening." When I looked, there was a moment of surprise bordering on shock. There on the canvas was ME, not just a picture of me, but some essence of me captured there. You are gifted.

Thank you for your kind comments about me on your blog. And I like the part about the shadowed side and the bit of mystery.  :-)  We certainly covered much fascinating ground in our conversation! It's always a pleasure to feel at ease enough to share thoughts and stories at the level we did on Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed your company as well and appreciated the opportunity to see you at work, to understand a bit about how you perform your magic.

After I left on Friday I realized I forgot to give you my card. I'll try to remember to hand you one next time I see you.

Great project! I'll be following this one on your blog. Nice post on your mom. Keep up the inspiring work.


Now to get organized...

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