Monday, January 24, 2011

Nancy Bruckner Sits for Face #24

"Nancy Bruckner: Face #24", oil, 12"h x 12"w, copyright Jill Banks 2011

Today after my portrait Class, Nancy Bruckner sat for me upstairs at the Artists' Atelier to become Face #24 in my 100 Faces in 100 Days project. Sitting (Nancy's a student) and painting after class is a little difficult ... just hard to keep up a high enough energy level. Both of us were munching on a few chocolates ... and Nancy did great.

I did fine in the painting department ... occasionally seeing her on the canvas only to have her disappear and reappear again. But not too much. Considering I couldn't put in a long night, we pulled the Judith St. Ledger-Roty (Face #15) trick and carried the painting to the mirror to figure out any problems. Then, I fixed them.

Now, this painting is one of my favorites.

Nancy was looking at me ... while I was looking at her, and she thinks I ought to model for my own portrait class. She marveled over the fact that my eyelids are barely visible and I marveled over the fact that her eyelids are this beautiful, big surface to decorate. People fascinated with painting people can get very interested in every part. I have tried to sit when a model was late to a class I was taking (quite a few years ago) and found it very difficult. I had proposed that my students in portrait class draw or paint someone this week while letting them talk and move ... like my project. If they can get the hang of that, I'd have a very easy time getting models. And, they'd get lively looking portraits.

I've been receiving lots of volunteers lately ... and I need to spend some time figuring out just where I am with my list before accepting all these nice offers. It will take at least a few days.

I'm speaking to the McLean Art Club during their meeting this coming Friday, January 28 at the McLean Community Center. My topic is "Building and Engaging Your Art Clan". The McLean Art Club holds its monthly meeting at 10am. I talk starting at 10:45am.

I've got to stop typing for the night ... go to bed early ... to be ready for Still Life class and painting Face #25, John Francis McCabe tomorrow.

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