Tuesday, January 25, 2011

John McCabe is Face #25, One-Quarter Through My Project

"John McCabe: Face #25", oil, 12"h x 12"w, copyright Jill Banks 2011
25 Faces!!!

John McCabe, fellow studiomate, painter and artist sat for me today ... as #25 of my 100 Faces in 100 Days project. John's also a portraitist ... so we had plenty of discussions on the subject. He just received a fantastic commission to paint the portrait of Professor Constantine Katsoris, Fordham Law School (John's alma mater), for installation in the Moot Court Room. Can't wait to see that one underway at the Artists' Atelier, the studio John and I share with 15 other artists at 1144 Walker Road, Suites D&G, Great Falls, VA.

The portrait turned out much better than this photo depicts. I had changed the settings to better photograph in one room ... and took this in another. I'll replace it on here tomorrow when I get a chance.

The wall in my studio on day 25 ... so 25 faces
I'm patting myself on the back today. (That's okay, right?) At 25, I'm a quarter of the way through my project and I survived two days in a row of teaching in the am and painting in the afternoon without too much trouble. Now, if I can remember to bring in a pad to cushion my feet -- I paint standing up and the floor's brutal -- life will be even better.

Randy and I redid my wall of faces in my studio this evening and extended the shelving. So more faces can fit ... so here's a photo of it on day 25. Pretty cool!

John ... near today's painting.
Last night, I attended the annual meeting of Great Falls Studios, a group of 90 artists who live or work in Great Falls. I had put out an email right after I dreamed up this project looking for people to volunteer. Well, a lot did and last night's meeting was full of many of my faces... and many more I'll be painting soon.

Okay, time for rest. Tomorrow morning is Face #26, which I'll be painting in the Great Falls School of Art room, 1144 Walker Road, Suite D, Great Falls. Feel free to pop in, take a look at the wall and see how I'm doing on the face of the day.

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