Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ray Rollins is Face #23

"Ray Rollins: Face #23", oil, 12"h x 12"w, copyright Jill Banks 2011
Ray Rollins, Chris Rollins' (Face #22 from yesterday) husband became Face #23 today. We had a wonderful time, laughing and enjoying the hours flying by. Chris was working (on  her art, yea!) upstairs in the Artists' Atelier and would occasionally come down and check out progress ... which seemed to work just from the beginning.

On Retirement
Ray is retiring soon -- and looking forward to it. He, like so many of my other faces is looking at doing new things (besides sitting for an alla prima portrait) and returning to adventures and undertakings he enjoyed before. He enjoys acting, so will look at what community theater offers. And watercolor classes. (Ray, there's a one-day workshop coming up next Saturday, January 29, 1-5pm through the Great Falls School of Art taught by Bob Gilbert (Face #9). $75.  To make it easy on everyone, supplies will be provided.) And cook more -- he loves to cook and promises to abide with healthy, delicious choices, fresh, slow food. (Sounds great ... as I just put a Company Pot Roast in the oven for tomorrow night's dinner.)

Ray Rollins with his Face #23 Painting
 Funny Story
One of our really funny discussions was about this whole 100 Faces project. Ray and Chris went out to dinner last night with good friends. Chris had sat for me already and Ray was revving up for his big day. (I can't quote this too accurately -- but the gist will be there.) Ray said he had never even given the slightest thought to having his portrait painted.  It never crossed his mind. So Chris and Ray told their friends about signing up for me to paint them. And, their friends were incredulous -- and were like, my god, how much does that cost? (Figuring portraits, expensive ... which they are.) And then, Ray goes, "That's the wild part. It doesn't cost anything!!!! All you do is agree to sit." And then, they all were talking about, well, I hope you can buy the painting at some point.

This one's blurry but too great to leave out. They were looking at Face #23 done.
So, the transition is from: I never wanted a painting of myself. I have to sit for four hours. You don't have to sit still and you get to talk the whole time.  It sounds like an interesting thing to do. It's free. Boy, I hope I can buy it.

Advice for My Talk
Ray helped me, today, in thinking through a talk I'm giving Friday for the McLean Art Club. My topic is how to "Build and Grow Your Art Clan" ... and my problem with it is that it is supposed to be for an hour and fifteen minutes. (Awfully long.) I plan on just telling stories. (I have PLENTY of those.) When I told Ray my topic, he asked what an art clan is ... and I proceeded to tell him in a way that I hope I can repeat on Friday.

And another of Ray and Chris Rollins. Think they like it?
When I've painted couples, it's been fun to see the interest each one has in the others' portrait. Chris made sure that Ray had longer hair ... like she likes it ... and delaying the haircut. She helped with orchestrating the photo of him with his portrait. (He needed her!) And, they just have fun sharing this experience with each other.

Now, if I'm painting your Face at the Artists' Atelier, my sitters get to hang out with my wall of faces -- and the impact is amazing. While each painting is interesting to look at, there's an incredible power with all of these Faces together. Everyone feels it. It's fascinating. My husband, Randy is getting ready to add a shelf and extend the ones I have so I can fit more ... but in the meantime, Chris and Ray Rollins are hanging out over the big window in my studio. Maybe I'll give you a glimpse of that tomorrow.

100 Faces in 100 Days Project:
Phone: 703.403.7435


Dorry said...

You mean I haven't fallen off the shelf yet Jill?! This "little" project of yours gathers momentum each day and is very exciting both to watch and be a part of. Each day gets more intriguing as we look at this blog to find your latest portrait. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Well done!

Jill Banks said...

Dorry ... if you haven't read your way back to January 1, 2011 ... is Face #1, Numero Uno. First person to take the plunge into unchartered territory and sit for me. Yea, Dorry!

Nope. You're up there for a little while yet.

Just think where you'll be when it's an exhibit.

It is fun, isn't it?

Jerry Stocks said...

Jill, each portrait is unique and wonderful. I am so glad that I can be part of this exciting experience.

Jill Banks said...

I'm glad that you get a chance to be a part of it, too. Each sitter is enjoying the experience immensely ... It's an interesting way of putting yourself "out there." My class just finished and momentarily I'll be onto Face #24. Keep your fingers crossed.

Ray Rollins said...

Expecting hours of sitting immobile with "no talking allowed",I was happy to be able to move about, take stretch breaks and engage in a wide-ranging, non-stop conversation with Jill - there was simply no sense of time passing - suddenly we were done! It was a great adventure to enter into this manner of visual and oral dialog; to see the powerful impact of our "Faces" on the studio wall (growing every day); and to be in a community with Jill's "art clan". If I had anothef face, I'd do it again.