Sunday, February 13, 2011

James (Jim) Devine is Face #44 Today

"Jim Devine: Face #44", oil, 12"h x 12"w, copyright Jill Banks 2011
Jim Devine, husband of Joan Devine (Face #34), came to sit for me today ... bright and early for me. Joan encouraged him to volunteer -- thought he'd enjoy the experience -- and I think she was right.

For anyone new to my blog, 2011 is the year of my 100 Faces in 100 Days Project. I'm painting alla prima (all at once, wet-into-wet) paintings of one hundred people of all ages, sizes, shapes, kinds who volunteer to sit for me, with sittings lasting approximately 3 to 4 hours. Sitters aren't paid. I keep the painting for exhibition(s) and a future book. Sitters don't need to keep still or in a particular pose and we talk to each other the whole time. Volunteers learn something about the process of painting a portrait or painting in general ... or what life's like as a professional artist ... and I get the chance to paint a bunch of alla prima portraits from life and get to meet a lot of new people and know others better. It's been fantastic!

Jim's an avid "doer", a very active guy. He's completed tons of triathlons. Loves to ski. Runs. Swims. Cycles. (Okay, I know those go along with the triathlon business.) Practices yoga. After he sat for me, he was headed off to get fitted for a new bike ... a reward for himself having battled a bout of cancer, chemo, etc.

The bike fitting was supposed to be at 1pm today but it was pushed off so that I'd have plenty of time and less pressure to paint Jim's face. Having a relaxed schedule is probably in everyone's best interest. Nice for the sitter, and nice for me. Nice for the painting, too. I do appreciate it!!

Jim (and Joan) take an interest in art, attending art events in the communities where they've lived. Jim's artistic endeavors include making stained glass -- cutting glass and soldering it. The two are good at just seizing the moments and opportunities around them... or creating new ones. I get the idea that one of them finds something interesting to do and the other is always saying "yes, let's go." What a great way to be.

It's funny having had both Jim and Joan sit. I heard part of the conversation twice ... just from a different angle ... and I need all the reinforcement I can get. This multi-tasking painting/talking/listening thing works better sometimes than others.

I haven't been thinking much about what I'm learning in the painting arena. I think a whole lot more of what I'm learning about people. There have been so many surprises talking to my sitters. It's the "can't judge the book by its cover" thing. I keep coming across amazing individuals in all sorts of different packages. Makes me want to talk to everybody!!!

I better stop posting and start relaxing. A VERY, very big week ahead. (My son, Sam, and Michelle will be married next Saturday!!!!) Jim asked me if I was "ready" to dance. I'm ready. Just not prepared.

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christine said...

Love this Jill. One of my favorite parts of the day is to come here and see what new face you've discovered. Thanks for sharing with us.