Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ben, Age 13, Is Face #49

Ben next to "Ben: Face #49"
Ben, age 13, sat for me on Super Bowl Sunday ... helping me to "double up" on sittings so I could take this weekend off. Ben is the son of one of my students and he was so much fun to be around. First, I love that people of all ages are volunteering for my project. Second, Ben is a fun, interesting, fascinating person to be around. Plus, an extra ... I really like his mom and enjoyed their interaction tremendously. My "minor" volunteers come with relatives in tow ... so my project turns into a study in relationships and personalities ... automatically.

I will get a proper photo of just the painting very soon. We just arrived back from (son) Sam and (daughter-in-law) Michelle's wedding ... so I haven't had any prep time. All of that went into making tent cards for the rehearsal dinner, clothes shopping. seating arrangements, contemplating, celebrating and the like. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding. The best parts were that family and friends gathered together to celebrate Sam and Michelle; a beautiful ceremony in which my choked-up son managed to get through vows he meant from the bottom of his heart with Michelle encouraging and supporting him through it in her kind way; and all the care, time, and attention the Anonicks (Michelle's parents) put in to throwing a terrific wedding ceremony and reception. It was fun and heartwarming at the same time.

Back to Ben. He sat for me patiently and talked. I'd squint at him and he'd look back at me so directly and honestly ... like sending me signals how to paint him. He was involved thoroughly in the process and interested in it. He hadn't seen a painting develop before and he got a kick out of it. He really liked the finished painting. A hit! He helped make it so.

Thanks, Ben! You rock.

Tomorrow I'm back to my faces project for ... drumroll please ... Face #50!!!!!

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