Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Lunch at Jasmine's" Sketch Today

I spent almost all my day on art-related -- but not art-making -- stuff. I currently have an awful lot in my "to do" column and each of those tasks are major and important and terribly time-consuming. They relate to my 100 Faces in 100 Days project and include:
  1. photographing each of the faces -- again -- for consistency and quality
  2. promotion/press releases for my second local exhibit of those 100 Faces in August at the Artists' Atelier
  3. writing a book on the project (to include those photographs)
  4. research and contact other art venues, galleries, museums for the exhibit
I was working on #4 today -- and made some progress.

This means that today's "art of the day" is a little less thrilling. My husband, Randy, and I had lunch today at Jasmine Cafe at Lake Anne in Reston (VA) and he had to leave partway through lunch to take care of a favor for our son and daughter-in-law. That left me with some alone time inside ... with air conditioning ... to sketch those diners outside. (In my defense, these folks weren't modeling for me ... ) I would have preferred to using ink and pen&ink but figured that Eduardo, the chef/owner, wouldn't appreciate my risking a spill.

I do want to get there to paint -- on the Plaza -- but have a hard time tolerating the heat. Tough to pick a day to do that.

Joined the Art League Plein Air Painters
There was a new opportunity listed in the Art League's July Tidings Newsletter -- with a call for artists who would like to paint on the waterfront some Sunday's throughout the summer. Guess what? I signed up and plan to be there this coming Sunday morning with three or four other painters. It should be fun. I know my painting is bound to be entertaining. I'm looking forward to meeting the other painters in the group and being out in that great spot. And, I'm hoping for a cool breeze.

Put Up Some Photos from the First 100 Faces in 100 Days Reception
Perhaps I should have done this sooner -- but in order to pursue task #4 above -- I added some photos from my May library show reception to a new page on my web site. I have many more ... that I may put up somewhere ... but was a little worried about file size. There are lots of technical challenges in my life. Anyway, take a peek.

Photo from my May reception of the 100 Faces in 100 Days exhibit
And this ... to do one thing you have to do ten more tasks ... reminds me of the story "if you give a mouse a cookie..." Isn't that the truth?

Here's a photo you won't see there. See? There's more.

Hopefully, there will be a paintbrush in my hand tomorrow.

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