Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Gourds and Turnip" Painting Yesterday and Today

Mainly I taught yesterday ... with a bit of painting in the afternoon working on this little one. Plus a little time today. My studiomate Elaine Elinsky brought in a beautiful centerpiece from her daughter Rachel's wedding this weekend.  She thought my Still Life class students or I might want to paint them. A wonderful treat. Those are the flowers peeking over the top of the gourd. (They hadn't arrived until after I started this piece ... so they are members of the supporting cast.)

I did want to take some photos in Tuesday's Still Life class... but I left my camera card plugged into the computer at home. One of the lessons was how to sign a painting. (Two were done with theirs.) I sign mine with the canvas on the floor as opposed to up on the easel ... so much easier for me. So there were some potential fun photo opportunities. Oh well.

Separate note. I entered the "Small Works" and "Large Works" shows at the Art League this month. No awards that I know of, but "Corner Seat" was juried into the "Small Works" show and "Arance, Oranges" was accepted in the "Large Works" show. You can see them both at 105 North Union Street, Alexandria, VA in the Art League gallery through the month of November.

I'll give you a break today. Not too much writing.

"Gourds and Turnip", oil on canvas, 12"h x 6"w, copyright Jill Banks 2010.
"Corner Seat", oil on canvas, 8"h x 6"w, copyright Jill Banks 2010.

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