Saturday, November 20, 2010

William Woodward's Comments on "Becky" and Saying Goodbye to Your Art

I stopped by the 41st Annual Treasury of Art Juried Show & Sale (Sponsored by the Vienna Arts Society, held at the Vienna Community Center at 120 Cherry Street, Vienna, VA 22180) to see the show ... and my pieces hung ... and to pick up a hot-off-the-press catalog. In it are juror William Woodward's comments about "Becky" -- my three-color chalk drawing he awarded Third Place. So, no longer relying on memory, here's what William Woodward said:
"A magical, tender, and poetic drawing. "Becky" is in the great tradition of tonal drawing practiced by the Renaissance Masters. This work does not exist on the paper. It exists in the paper."
 Pretty wonderful, right?

There is something magical about drawings. It's such an intimate process. A slow unveiling of form and beauty. I remember, with each drawing, setting down each line, looking at each curve, looking more closely. A sense of discovery and wonder. The joy of just being there drawing.

So here's a few more I've done. Some are sold, some are hanging on my walls at home. Some are for sale. Just something different to enjoy today.

"Thumbelina", graphite

"John", black & white charcoal, sold

"Elf and the Chandelier", graphite and red pastel, sold

"Poinsettia", sketch & wash pencil and wash, sold

"After Bargue" Plate 1.16, graphite, sold

"The Nutcracker", graphite, collection of the artist's son (Sam Banks)

"After Caravaggio", sketch & wash pencil and wash, sold
(Husband) Randy is always telling me I should draw more. (Versus paint more.) I want to, too. Every day it's a choice ... where to go, what to paint, whether to paint or draw. It seems impossible to do both. Perhaps I need a different routine to let both into my life, on a regular basis.

Last night, at Art Night Out, I said goodbye to three of my four pieces of art. I have some serious separation anxiety. I will miss "Figure Drawing Class," "Ellen: Alla Prima Portrait" and greatly miss "Nigerian Beauty."  What was I thinking? I love her.  Most of the time, when I sell a piece, I'm happy about it going to a new home and making someone else happy. It's a chance for them and all the people they love to enjoy something that I've created. That's a good feeling.

But sometimes, I'm just deeply attached to what I've done and need it to keep me company. "Nigerian Beauty" is one of those. I will remember this regret ... and only let go of other pieces ... those I'm deeply attached to ... when and if I'm really ready. My lesson for yesterday.

Actually, as I just added all the captions to all the drawings up above ... I realize that there's a whole lot of my art ... what I've created hanging on other people's walls. (Except for those that Nancy owns ... that are still leaning on walls because she's afraid to stick a nail up.) More often, when I talk to people, they tell me that they own one or more of my pieces. It's funny to not know where they all end up. That I guess, is a natural progression as you sell (and say goodbye) to more and more of your art.

Now I'm off to paint. (Yep. My decision for today.)

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Nancy said...

Told you it's hard to say goodbye to art. You can visit any of your pieces living with me... you can even move them from room to room. Look, Ma, no nail holes!

Jill Banks said...

I figured you'd see this ... and I just might visit them to see what room they're leaning. There's actually a whole lot of art leaning in my house at the moment. It's tough to get started on a blank wall.

Happy Thanksgiving.