Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Yellow Watermelon and Tamarillos" Painting Today

"Yellow Watermelons and Tamarillos," oil on linen, 16"h x 20"w, ©Jill Banks 2011
I haven't posted for a couple of days ... just because the paintings in process weren't ready to be viewed. They still aren't ... but I worked on this one today ... and it's finished! Signed my name and all.

I had started it about a week ago and loved the subjects. I wasn't sure what the yellowish-orange and red fruits were ... but researched it on the Internet. Pretty amazing that you can do this. I now know that if you eat this gorgeous fruits skin, the aftertaste reminded one food blogger of soap. Sounds like peeling it is a good idea.

"Papaya and Friends," 16"h x 20"w, oil on linen, ©Jill Banks 2011
The market depicted was from the produce department at Harrod's from our recent London trip. That store is amazing -- a real feast for the eyes. Husband Randy was trying to get me to leave ... for more sightseeing. But I wanted to stay. What a place!

See more of my market paintings in the gallery section of my web site (www.jillbanks.com), click on Market Series.

This one reminds me of another favorite: "Papaya and Friends." It's just as bold and "real."

Framing Today
Actually, Randy's framing ... but I picked out and picked up frames, mats and glazing today from Framemaster's in Merrifield ... for the three drawings destined for the Salmagundi Club's Juried Non-Member Photography and Graphics Exhibition in New York City in August. They are going to be gorgeous! (Randy's putting them together now.) He'll also be framing a fourth piece, my ink wash and pen & ink of Parliament ... that will be available for purchase. Framing transforms these drawings. All four have slightly different mats and frames. They hold together but each piece is matted and framed to reflect differences in colors and textures of the paper and medium used. It seems to be a combination of art form and science to get it all right.

"Portrait of Zoe" Purchased
"Portrait of Zoe" was purchased yesterday as an anniversary gift for Zoe's owner. By posting the finished painting of her, I understand I simplified gift shopping. Having my work turn into a special gift ... is wonderful!

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