Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Tomatoes and Onions" Painting Today

"Tomatoes and Onions," oil on panel, 12"h x 9"w, copyright Jill Banks 2011
I actually spent all day painting a red velvet cake ... but it's not working yet and the photo I took was pretty awful. So ... maybe tomorrow. Depends on how it cooperates.

Then, realizing that I needed to switch subjects, I returned to this painting that I had started as a quick demo awhile ago in my still life class. New tomatoes and different onions were cast as replacements ... and I couldn't find the bowl the originals were placed in ... so left that part of the painting as is. I wasn't sure how successful this was until I took the photo. Funny how that works sometimes. I may still tweak it tomorrow, too  but it looks good to me at the moment. Hope that moment lasts.

We had our end of class party yesterday ... with the majority of the class staying for some good food (lots of good cooks) and fun. This has been a great session and I'm a bit sorry to see it end. I'm still working on what workshops, classes will be offered this summer. Coming very soon!

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Nancy Keane said...

Great food, great cooks, GREAT class- with talented artists in every corner of the classroom. Can't wait for summer workshops. Nancy

Jill Banks said...

I totally agree! I was out scouting a painting site and thinking about those summer workshops today. Check the blog out later for a hint.