Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Pretty Girl Hen" Painting Today

"Pretty Girl Hen," 14"h x 11"w, oil on linen, ©Jill Banks 2011
I had a hard time stopping painting today. I was definitely having too much fun. And, I was thinking about what I want to do next at the same time. What I figured out is that ... I'm already doing what's next.

"Pretty Girl Hen" is part of my newly realized Feathered and Furry Friends series. Isn't she gorgeous?

Tomorrow ... for Father's Day ... I'll give you a picture of the current members of the flock. I'm looking, too, for some live hoofed, clawed, padded footed models ... as in your cows, horses, dogs, parrots, chickens, rabbits, cats, etc. ... that you'd let me paint somewhere around your premises. Which are hopefully close to mine in the DC area. I'm also planning some trips to the zoo -- just have to figure out what I have to do permission-wise. I will be setting a limit to this series -- as in how many -- and they won't be created on consecutive days. This time around I did discuss the project with husband Randy.  This will be fun! As with my 100 Faces, I plan on working from life. Hope that works! So who has a furry or feathered friend I can paint? Not that many will be chosen, so tell me soon.

More details to follow.

I'm going in a few different directions lately, but I think that's working out just fine. I started a new market painting today and am excited about that. I have lots of ideas about that series as well. My plan is to clarify just what I want to accomplish with those. My love of markets comes from the generosity of them, all the people, bustle, colors. Our trip to London was filled with them plus I want to immerse myself in the ones closer to home.

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