Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Signs of Summer" Artists' Atelier Exhibit Now Up

One view into the gallery for the "Signs of Summer" exhibit. That's my "Yellow Watermelons and Tamarillos" over the door and "Lots of Peppers" on its right.
Today was a non-painting and creating day. Ugh. I'm ready to paint tomorrow. Really ready.

I did manage to pick up artwork from the "Birds of Great Falls" exhibit ("Blue" and "Gone Wild Turkey" are back in my possession) and hang an exhibit ... along with my fellow Atelier and guest Atelier artists. "Signs of Summer" is up for the month of July. And, we're planning the reception for Friday, July 22, 7-9pm. That's at the Artists' Atelier, 1144 Walker Road, Suite G, Great Falls, VA. I hope you can join us.

Not too much to read and look at, then ... but some news on the painting purchases front. "Gelato Shop" has a new owner  ... with very good taste. I love this painting and apparently, I'm not alone. It brings back a lot of really wonderful memories.

And, another of my paintings was out on approval overnight last night. The painting didn't work in the intended spot at the moment. It's easy to get disappointed about that ... but instead I'm really glad that this individual kept thinking about it enough to contact me, come see it, try it out, etc. I want people to want my art, to purchase it ... but most especially, to be thrilled with the particular piece they selected. I realize that it's not always easy to visualize what will work. And, in this case, the painting might eventually be the right selection ... with some other pieces around it, by changing the frame, and hanging a light.

"Gelato Shop" Has a New Owner. Congrats, Diane! Lucky you!
This artist-collector connection is a real relationship. I've had many chances to look at my clients' homes, help them figure out where to hang art or what pieces to select ... and to rearrange and make suggestions as needed. That's actually a thrill for me.

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