Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Rope of Garlic" Painting: Done

Well, except for my signature.

I finished "Rope of Garlic" a little after midnight ... so, I guess today. I still have to sign it but I had other work to do at my studio, The Artists' Atelier, today.

I went to work on a commission and had so much fun. Every day that I get to start a painting is a happy one. There are many artists who start and finish a painting in the same day -- that's their regular routine. (They must always have a smile on their faces.) They decide on their subject matter and canvas size to allow for an alla prima (all at once) painting. Too complicated or too large won't work. I love this idea, conceptually. I enjoy working wet into wet. Quickly. Starting paintings. Keeping things fresh.

I can do these alla prima paintings if I follow the same guidelines as these other artists: stay relatively small, keep the design/objects simple.

But, generally, there's something of interest to me that requires more careful, studied work. Not all over, but in parts. I find I need a few sessions to get that richness of color, strength of contrast, true brights that I love.

I'm teaching five single-day workshops this summer on "Painting (and Sketching) the Town". Obviously, whatever's done in these workshops is painted alla prima. I've attended similar workshops and created studies myself ... but I follow those days up with work in the studio to strengthen my impressions into paintings. Find out more and sign up ... on the classes page ... on my web site: Part of what I'll teach in the workshops is how to go from sketch to paintings.

Back to "Rope of Garlic." It's Italian garlic ... on display, for sale, at the Campo dei Fiori market in Rome that I visited in April of this year. "Rope of Garlic" will be part of my "Painting the Town" exhibit at the Old Brogue Irish Pub, Great Falls, VA from July 1-July 31. Reception: Sunday, July 25, 2-5pm. See a preview of the show on my web site. Attendees to the reception get a complimentary pack of my NEW urbanscapes (townscapes) note cards. (They look great.)

"Rope of Garlic", oil on Raymar panel, 16"h x 20"w, copyright Jill Banks 2010.

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