Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting Ready for the Show

Well, things aren't going exactly to plan. It's countdown time towards hanging my solo show "Painting the Town" on Thursday, a week from tomorrow.

Yesterday, I:

  • attended Modern Postcard's Direct Marketing Crash Course seminar in the a.m. at the Key Bridge Marriott. It was fantastic. Great advice about direct mail, but also marketing in general. It was geared to larger/more commodity-based businesses ... but I still found plenty to apply to my art business. Plus, I received $250 off of my next printing job with them.
  • went to Framemaster's, my framer in Fairfax, VA to order a replacement frame for "Rainy Day in NYC" -- the painting that was accepted into Salmagundi Club's Open Painting and Sculpture Exhibition. Randy and I will be hand-delivering that painting while up in NYC for the Salmagundi Club's Open Photography and Graphics Exhibition closing reception. 
  • painted on "Rope of Garlic" for inclusion on my "Painting the Town" exhibit. (I'm sure that I already had a blog entry here that it was done.)
  • varnished a number of paintings. (I use Gamblin's Gamvar Final Picture Varnish.) I love the way the painting's look fresh off the easel as soon as I apply the varnish. Presto!
  • sent in my blurb and images for Great Falls Studios Studio Tour promotions. The Studio Tour isn't until mid-October, but there's tons of pre-Studio Tour stuff to do.
  • packed up a bunch of clothes to give away/throw out in anticipation of our move mid-July.

Today, I:
  • spent ALL day on the computer laying out my postcard for the "Painting the Town" exhibit. Matter of fact, I was still in my pajamas -- no breakfast, no lunch, a few cups of coffee -- at 4pm. That's after getting up early. I can't quite explain why it took me so long, but part of the problem was due to Word quirks and mishaps. I did manage to finally upload instructions and files plus place the order with Modern Postcard by 5:30 today. $250 saved ... and I can't wait to get them. (That $250 didn't stay in "my pocket" long, did it?) I've used Modern Postcard many times ... and they do such a great job.
  • now I'm hungry. (Understatement.) Off to dinner in a few minutes.
 Tomorrow, I:
  • get a root canal in the a.m. Can't say yippee about that one. Bet that slows me down. Maybe I can put together press releases. Draw?

Still to do before next week:
  • better not to think about it.
"Dining Al Fresco", (Easton, MD) 24"h x 20"w, oil on Senso linen, copyright Jill Banks 2009 and "Rialto Market", (Venice, Italy) 24"h x 36"w, oil on Senso linen, copyright Jill Banks 2009 will both be part of my "Painting the Town" exhibit, July 1-July 31 at Katie's Coffee at the Old Brogue, 760 Walker Road, Great Falls, VA 22066. Reception: Sunday, July 25, 2-5pm. See a preview/get more info on my web site:

Also, I'll have a booth at the Great Falls Farmer's Market on Saturday, July 3, 9am-1pm, corner of Walker Road and Georgetown Pike in Great Falls, VA.

Phone: 703.403.7435

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