Sunday, June 13, 2010

"On High" Wins Best of Show

I attended the reception for the artReston 17th Annual Juried Exhibition ... where three of my pieces are hanging from June 7 to July 6 ... and guess what? Okay, I suppose the title of the post gives it away. My painting "On High" won Best of Show!

Daniel Wise, an award-winning pastel painter, was the juror and he commented on each award winners' work. What he liked about "On High" ... and this is not a direct quote but paraphrased to the best of my memory ... interesting composition (off center), my brushstrokes (I must use some BIG brushes), the painting's not overworked, texture of fabrics (satin looks like satin), color (richness of the skin tones), and in addition to liking it just for its qualities as a painting ... he appreciated the subject matter. It wasn't just a beautiful portrait. It was a portrait of a woman who was slightly older, and sensual, beautiful, confident of who she is. He imagined that she was more beautiful today than she was when she was 18. I'm sure that is true. That's what I saw and imagined when I was painting her.

So, I admit. When someone is admiring one of your paintings... And that someone is the juror... You listen better than normal.

Happy bias aside, I thought Daniel Wise did a great job jurying. He was thoughtful about the process and his selections. First Place went to painter Kirsten Schneider for her powerful portrait "Johnny Rotten" ... and one of Daniel's comments was how much he was affected by seeing it in person. (He selected pieces for the show via electronic submissions -- from photos -- and chose award winners after the show was hung -- in person.) Scale matters. It's tough to tell what an artwork really looks like from a photo.

Second Place went to artist Katie Cassidy for her painting, "September Morning." I thought of Katie's painting as an abstract, but saw it differently (better) through Daniel's comments. He saw it as a landscape (it is) and loved its depth and mystery. Wow. When I saw it (as an abstract), I focused on it being a painting about color (warm glowing yellows). Katie pushed the painting to just the right spot.

More award winners:
Third Place: Allen Hart, "Cedar Waxwing", photography
Honorable Mention: Louise Gantas, "Butterfly Splendor" an amazing piece done in ink and goauche that has all of these "wonderful surprises" in it.
Honorable Mention: Lori Goll, "Peacock Blue" a pastel that Daniel Wise admired for the artist's gentle touch, almost lacelike quality given to the surface.

One last note on this long post (sorry ... but I don't win Best of Shows all that often) is that it was great to meet some very nice fellow artists at the reception.

"On High", oil on linen, 36"h x 30"w, copyright Jill Banks 2007.

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Cindy Grisdela said...

Congratulations Jill!

Christine said...

Congratulations Jill! It is a beautiful piece. And thank you for sharing both yours and the judges insight. It is very interesting to hear what other people see in a work. It helps to expand your own vision.

christine said...

Kudos, Jill!

I have loved that painting ever since you brought it into Rob Liberace's class for his critique. It is a beautiful renendering of Olivia in all of her elegance.

I doubt this is the last award you are going to receive for this remarkable portrait.

And thanks for your always enthusiastic, positive and inspiring entries on your blog. You make us all want to paint better, paint more, and love it as much as you....

Jill Banks said...

Wow. Thanks to each of you for your comments. I appreciate them.

It did seem like she was an award winner to be. At least I hoped so!
I'm glad the juror agreed. Now I'm on to writing a new post.