Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Trevi Fountain" and Influences

"Trevi Fountain," 14"h x 11"w, oil on Raymar panel, ©Jill Banks 2012
 Today was full. The agenda:
  • Setting Up, Teaching, Cleaning Up: Still Life Class
  • Presenting A Sketch for a Portrait Commission
  • Painting on "Trevi Fountain"
  • Blog about it 
All went well.

One of the new still life set ups for class includes a plaid scarf. During yesterday's portrait class, the conversation somehow turned to reveal that our model (husband of one of my students) owns two kilts. I already knew that he would be fun to paint (he was a great model in regular attire), but how fantastic would he be to capture in a kilt?

Five of my Still Life students are also in my Portrait class and they got the plaid scarf/kilt connection.

There were other influences in each set up. Stories everywhere.

Late afternoon I got back to "Trevi Fountain," a painting started early February. I have a couple of tweaks left but left the studio very happy with the day's work. It really does send me back to Rome. Not a bad thing. And, to return to the influences theme: one of my studiomates, John McCabe is currently working on a painting of a marble sculpture that just sings on his easel. That certainly must have had a role in what I chose to paint today.

Ink wash drawing of Reston Town Center with Fountain
On Fountains
There's something about water features that's just mesmerizing. Water with sculpture ... yea! I'd like to do more.

On Exhibit:
"Chrysler Museum Memorial Garden Fountain," oil, 16"h x 20"w, ©Jill Banks 2011
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Jerry Stocks said...

Love the Trevi Fountain painting. Ivie and I were there when she was pregnant with Spencer, and of course, we threw in coins. It was also two weeks after 9-11. The guards in the airport were carrying heavy ammunition. And would you believe my husband is a kilt wearer?

Jill Banks said...

There are lots of connections between the two of us. So how many kilts does he own? The guards at the airports were disconcerting during each trip. I can't imagine what that was like right after 9-11.

Trevi Fountain is amazing. I wish I was there!