Saturday, March 29, 2014

Warm Welcome at the Hilton

I've gone missing for good reason.  Tuesday and Wednesday were filled with my still life class demo -- and ongoing work on that painting. I haven't had a chance to photograph it. And -- I'm not home so, you will see the results -- just not yet.

Finishing touches during setup for the Art Reception at Hilton Worldwide HQ

Art Reception at the Hilton Worldwide Headquarters 

Adjusting lights on other side of the pod. Four sides of my art.
On Thursday, I was one of five artists whose work was being celebrated at a special art reception at the Hilton Worldwide Headquarters in McLean, VA.  What a HUGE treat!

There wasn’t an actual red carpet, but I sure received the  “star treatment.”  Everything – from the friendly greeting, help toting art in, crew to hang and light our work, wall tags, printed programs, offers of wine/refreshments while setting up, beautiful lobby setting (with soaring ceilings, marble floors, gentle fountain behind me), introduction announcement, the event itself and interested attendees – was perfect, wonderful, and deeply appreciated. Thank you, Anu Saxena, and the Hilton Worldwide Women's Team Member Resource Group for such a great day!

Having pulled off many of my own, almost-do-it-yourself (with the stellar assistance of husband Randy and my Mom and Dad) art events, I appreciated even more all the fine details. Guests – just like the five of us artists – were made to feel special and yet the focus was on the art – with music conducive to the right mood and talking and refreshments that were a nice addition yet not the stars.

The artists were also treated to silver goody bags full of thoughtful treasures. Sort-of-academy-awardish.

Event Poster at the Hilton Worldwide Headquarters
It was an afternoon filled with great conversations on a well-set stage. Our daughter, Sarah, invited her colleagues and head chiefs from work … whose offices are conveniently located right across the street from the Hilton.  The acorn hasn’t fallen too far from the tree … as her friends and fellows knew an awful lot about my art before circling around my pod at the Hilton. Seems like Sarah has been taking lessons from my Mom who enthusiastically introduces my work to countless friends, neighbors, acquaintances. 

One of the paintings I had on exhibit is "Hudson River Morn" -- a grown-up (enlarged) version of a piece created over three days standing in the shower equipped with floor to ceiling windows at a Hampton Inn in NYC. Works on the easel over those three days captured sunrise to sunset as the city woke up and became its bustling self.  

There's joy to be shared in depicting something common to others. It often changes their perceptions, opens eyes to how lucky they are that
this is their regular view.  I've encountered these reactions when painting plein air -- talking to visitors to my easel. For "Hudson River Morn," it was just me in the shower. No passersby. (Thankfully. We wouldn't fit.) But this exhibit gave me a chance to share the experience with those who had a part in the inspiration.

Such great conversations. Thank you to all who came to look and visit!

All the photos were taken by Randy during setup. Once the guests arrive, it's camera down so we can enjoy your company.

I'm currently on another adventure -- in Georgia for the Women Painters of the Southeast show. I will have to catch you up on that in a few days! Planning on painting within the hour. Just don't know where or what yet.

Shown: "The Kitchen Caper" (top) and "Sunflowers in My Studio II" (bottom) by Jill Banks. See my website for more in the Still Life Gallery under Works
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Shown at the Hilton on Thursday include: "Hudson River Morn," "New York Yellow and Blues," "Green Tractor," "Made in the Shade," "The Snuggery," "The Kitchen Caper," and "Sunflowers in My Studio II."  All of these and more can be found on my web site at:  Take a look.

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