Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"King of the Roost" Painting

"King of the Roost" work in progress, oil, 12"h x 12"w, ©Jill Banks 2014
After teaching still life class today (great class!) and lunch, the beautiful weather lured me ... a little too late ... back to Kidwell Farm, a favorite spot.

Here's the routine. I park my car. Go tour the farm to see what animals are calling me to paint them. Before pulling in the farm parking lot, I was looking to see "who" was out in the fields. Didn't see much. Same thing when walking around. All my favorites were in hiding.

Decided on the chicken coop ... and in particular, this white rooster. From the looks of his fellow males, it appears this white one is King of the Roost. 

I returned to my car, got my gear (or so I thought) and headed back to the coop.

Guess who got out. Yep.  This guy.

The rest of the afternoon he was running all the farm helpers around on a wild goose, oops, rooster chase.

I was missing paper towels, my paints were dry on my palette -- leftover from the quick Georgia trip, and my subject was uncooperative. I do smell like the farm, though. And got incredible photos of King Rooster walking around at the top of the coop fence, defying being shoo'ed inside.

Cool customer.

Animals are a favorite subject ... among steep competition. Check out more of my feathered and furry friends in my online gallery dedicated to them.

Paint in Italy Workshop
Fortunately, there are other folks as excited as I am (ridiculously) about the August 3-10 workshop that I'm teaching in the Piemonte, Italy wine region. Everything about this trip: this gorgeous place, great host(ess), sharing the thrill of this adventure, and the great folks that have signed up are making it a dream come true. There's still room for you to join us that week but the momentum is building. If you can, come! Read more about it on my Classes page (on my web site).

Still Life Class, WPSE
The setups circling the classroom today were gorgeous and all the painting starts on the easel matched. It was almost painful to leave without painting one of those myself. But ... with my plein air class starting next week, finally a break in the winter weather and lots of high profile painting ahead shortly, it's outside painting or bust.

I'll catch you up on other news -- like my Augusta GA plein air painting and the Women Painters of the Southeast show another day. Perhaps tomorrow?

Plus, I had a wonderful chance to catch up with a shared lunch with some special folks yesterday -- including one familiar face that occupied my living room couch for eight days one summer.  What a treat!  Guess I do indeed have a lot of typing to come!

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Paint with Me in Italy: August 3 to 10, 2014.
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