Sunday, October 30, 2011

Portrait Painting and Peppers

"Lots of Peppers," oil, 24"h x 36"w, ©Jill Banks 2011. Sold.
Sooner or later, I promise you're going to see either a new painting or one in progress ... but today was spent happily working on a portrait commission (no photos until reveal day) and meeting with collectors.

Two paintings were purchased today ... but I'm not sure which two. Okay, that must be confusing. "Lots of Peppers" ... definitely has a new owner. The second purchase is a toss-up between two of my NYC scenes, to be determined later in the week. What's become evident lately is just how difficult it is to choose among different pieces. I sometimes think that's easy. When I'm in a gallery or show with multiple artists, one piece jumps out as the one I most want to take home with me. When you're looking at many pieces from the same artist, the choice is much tougher. You're comparing apples to apples. It's harder to choose a favorite.

Expressions Portrait Exhibit at ArtSpace Herndon Opens
"Tranquility," 30"h x 24"w, oil, © Jill Banks 2010
Today, while I was working on my portrait commission, Randy delivered my painting "Tranquility" to ArtSpace Herndon for the Expressions Portrait Exhibit. The opening reception for the show is Saturday, November 5 at 7pm at 750 Center Street, Herndon, VA 20170.  I know many of the finalists in the show that's sponsored by the Council of the Arts of Herndon ... and congrats to all:

Suzanne Lago Arthur ◊ Jill Banks ◊ Carol Berman ◊ Paul Gayter ◊ Gavin Glakas ◊ Evan Goldman ◊ Penny Hauffe ◊ Pamela Jarrett ◊ Adrienne Kralick ◊ Christine Lashley ◊  Cathleen Lawless ◊ Derek McGowan ◊ Patricia McMahon Rice ◊ Patrice McPeak ◊ Mireille Molette ◊ Paguntalan ◊ Susan Avis Murphy ◊ Gonzalo Navarro ◊ Aaron Pavelis ◊ Mary Pedini ◊ Mary Reilly ◊ Barrett Ripin ◊ Abel A. Rivera ◊ Claudia Samper ◊ Lorena Selim ◊ Bruce Skillicorn ◊ David Tanner ◊ Eric Westbrook ◊ Jordan Xu ◊ Lester Yocum

I'll see you at the reception.

The exhibit runs November 1 -22, 2011. Go to the ArtSpace Herndon web site for open hours.

Plenty of Purchases
Good thing I've been drinking out of my lucky cup lately. (I have a cup for coffee with special powers.) I'm not sure exactly how to account for which sales go with which months ... but based on transactions, 15 of my paintings and drawings were purchased in October. Many more finally made it to their new homes ... so I'll be dealing with a crisis of my own. When those paintings leave the Atelier or my walls at home ... I realize I need to paint, paint, paint.

Exhibits & Events
Expressions Portrait Exhibit at ArtSpace Herndon, November 1 through 27. Reception and awards, November 5, 7pm. "Tranquility" was chosen as one of the finalists. 750 Center Street, Herndon, VA.

The Art League's October All-Media Membership Exhibit,  105 N. Union St., Alexandria, VA. My charcoal drawing of "Oscar" was juried in and will be on view through November 7. "Cubanelle and Roses" is in the Bin Gallery.

American Artists Professional League 83rd Grand National,Salmagundi Club, 47 Fifth Avenue, NYC, Nov. 1-11. "Alan" was juried into the show.

To read more about the 100 Faces in 100 Days project on my web site (, go to the 100 Faces Project Pages 1 and 2 where you can see all 100 of my volunteers. Click on the paintings, and go to my blog post for that person's sitting.

100 Faces in 100 Days Project Page 1 (faces 1-54):
100 Faces in 100 Days Project Page 2 (faces 55-100):

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