Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Peach" Painting and New Drawing Class Offered

Today's (better hurry typing) class was great. I teach a Still Life class through the Great Falls Foundation for the Arts (www.greatfallsfoundationforarts.org) on Tuesday mornings -- and I love it. Peaches were part of the act in two of my still life setups and I didn't see students "get" the shadow/light patterns on the also-patterned peaches. So, I painted an example, albeit a little too late for class, but I hope it will help for next week. That happens to be the last day of class.

I'm still looking for two-three more students for my portrait painting workshop offered through the same organization August 14-16. Contact me for more info at jillbanks1@aol.com or 703.403.7435. This will be an extraordinary class!

Today we also came up with a brand new class offering. I will be teaching drawing on Monday nights, 7-10pm in the Fall (starting September 14), running for nine weeks. The location is 1144 Walker Road, Suite D, Great Falls, VA. The cost will be $300 plus model and material fees (to be determined). Students are enlisting our models -- friends, spouses, people they'd love to draw. Students not ready for drawing people will have still life setups to choose from. I'm excited about offering this class. I've been influenced (a lot) by one of my teachers, Rob Liberace, in exploring drawing across many media -- and it's become part of my soul as an artist. Drawing materials can be with you anywhere ... so you can create while the rest of the family sits on the beach. I'll do multiple demos, especially when we're moving to a new medium. Classes are small -- maximum 9-10 due to space constraints -- so contact me if you'd like to be one of this special group. I think classes will fill up quickly!

I also worked today on one of my two Michelles, portraits of son Sam's girlfriend. Since Sam loves Michelle, he's one heck of a critic. But then again, I do enjoy a challenge.

"Peach"; oil; size: not sure, but little; copyright Jill Banks 2009.

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