Monday, July 13, 2009

"Sunflowers and Gladioli" Painting in Progress

My Dad created two beautiful flower arrangements for my painting demo day this past Saturday (as part of my "On the Bright Side" show) ... and this one of sunflowers and gladioli might just be my all-time favorite. I hated to see its beauty go to waste, i.e., remain unpainted. So, I went to work today getting as far as I could while there still was daylight. I have it set up in my downstairs studio at the Atelier, and will work on it again after my Still Life class tomorrow.

My plan for this week is to finish this and work a bit more on the two Michelles from my demo. Saturday's my reception, July 18, 3-6pm at the Great Falls Library, 9830 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls. I hope to see you there.

I didn't really tell you that much about my demo. I felt so good about that day that I don't think I've come down from the clouds since. What I loved about it is how wonderfully people react to my art. The room was overflowing with enthusiasm and good cheer. The "On the Bright Side" exhibit seems aptly named. I'm thankful to have so many enthusiastic supporters -- my parents, students, collectors, fellow artists, family and friends. I love creating art, and my enjoyment increases exponentially through the joy it brings to others, too.

"Sunflowers and Gladioli" work in progress, oil on linen, 30"h x 24"h, copyright Jill Banks 2009.

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