Friday, July 3, 2009

"On the Bright Side" is Up! First Friday, Too!

Husband Randy and I hung my "On the Bright Side" show at the Great Falls Library yesterday. Before I forget ... after mailing out hundreds of postcards and sending out press releases with the library's hours ... I arrived there to see that they just changed them. Well, oops. Seems budget-cutting affects when you can see my exhibit as well. I'll post the new shorter hours in an upcoming blog, and hopefully get it right. I know they close on Monday to Wednesdays at 8pm and on Thursdays at 6pm. In any case, it's now closed for the holiday weekend -- so your first opportunity will be next Monday. See earlier post for address, demo and reception details.

What I hope is that you'll go take a look at the show and return for either the demo or reception or both ... so that I get a chance to talk to you about the art and guide you through the exhibit. I'd be glad to give private tours, too.

I hung 24 pieces. I included two drawings out of a very special sketchbook I'd created for an art historical workshop I took to Florence, Italy in 2006. One is "The Duomo" sketched while sitting on the cobblestones in front of this beautiful structure. The second is "Rodin's Lady Sackville-West" sketched this past month while sitting on a bench with Shanaz Asasi and Loretta Cassidy during a trip to the National Gallery of Art. I hadn't taken any drawings out of my sketchbook until this show. This is about as personal as it gets.

A warning. The library is not exactly the world's finest venue for viewing art. The room's huge, not particularly well-lit (that's harsh too) ... and it's set up for meetings -- so lots of tables, a chair, a flag, a rocking chair, a bench are scattered throughout. Definitely not glamorous. My art's hung in glamorous, finest venue spots. It makes a difference. So, you're going to have to work a little harder to appreciate just what I'm offering.

In a way, the show is eclectic (different sizes, different frames, different subject matter) so I want you to see each painting separately. Every time I paint, I want to transport you somewhere ... to see what I see. It's a little funny when you're standing in a room with 24 different places to be transported.

After having painted for a year in preparation for my "Place Settings" show at the Art League in January 2008 within a very narrow theme ... I think I revolted and went off in some different directions. I've also noted that as your career "heats up", your artwork gets called off to different venues, despite your trying to get ready for a show at the library. Last month I took new paintings to Chasen Galleries in Richmond that would have fit right in with this show ... but, hey. Buy "Rialto Market" from Chasen. Or "Dining Al Fresco." I had to agree (to husband Randy) before signing up for this exhibit that I would work around my other commitments. What you're seeing is what I've wanted to paint and been painting lately. Almost all of the work has been created in 2009. All is original. I loved creating each and every one. I hope you enjoy the show.

I thought of listing favorites of mine that are in the show, but thought better of it. It sort of feels like betrayal to the ones you didn't pick. I have two kids -- a son and a daughter, and that makes it easier. I have a favorite son and I have a favorite daughter. You get what I mean. But, there are some really special pieces in this show.

I've included all sorts of photographs of the exhibit in this post. What's cropped out are the meetingish furniture and such. A favorite photo is one of Randy laying on the table while I continued to ponder placements of paintings. I have a feeling that this photo reveals exactly what it's like to be the spouse of a painter. Enjoy! I love you Randy.

And, First Friday at the Artists' Atelier is now today, July 3, 7-9pm. Come join us for the new "Beaches" show and lots of great art and conversation. 1144 Walker Road, Suites D&G, Great Falls, VA 22066. No photos posted this time. I've been busy.

One more note. A nice article on the show was published in the McLean and Great Falls Connection Newspapers. Thanks!

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