Saturday, December 26, 2015

Elf Time - Ho, Ho Helping

First, I hope you enjoyed a very Merry Christmas.

"Every Which Way," oil, 16"h x 12"w, ©2013 Jill Banks --  gift chosen today!
The List
Now I want to tell you about an interesting twist on taking care of your Christmas list in a wonderful, personal way. Maybe it will come in handy for you next year ... and I'd sure love to act as YOUR Christmas elf.

My Mystery Couple wanted to give the gift of my paintings to quite a few on their list -- and asked me to figure out a way to help the recipients choose. We came up with the plan that the giftees could choose one of four options:
  1. One framed 12"x16" painting OR
  2. Two framed 8"x10" paintings OR
  3. Four framed 6"x6" paintings OR
  4. One framed 8"x10" painting and two 6"x6" paintings
"Queue at the Palace," oil, 12"h x 16"w, ©2015 Jill Banks - gift chosen today!
For each of those options, I selected a group from all the 12" x 16"s available (and the 8" x 10"s and 6"x 6"s) to put together a manageable list of great choices in an email-able catalog. Photos of the 12" x 16"s offered were put into a PDF document along with a photo of one of those paintings, framed. Same with the 8" x 10"s and 6" x 6"s. Then, out went an email explaining "the gift" with those three PDF files attached ... and encouraging the giftees to decide quickly since the choices were one of a kind originals.
"Spanish Garden," oil, 16"h x 12"w, ©2015 Jill Banks - gift chosen today!
That's the very "dry" version of the story.

My Giftgivers felt the pure joy I get each time someone purchases a piece of my art.  They were hearing first hand how THRILLED each recipient was with their choices. They reveled in who chose what ... and then found the choices seemed just right.  They were amazed that each naturally selected a different piece (we didn't send out a list of art no longer available as the choices came in -- so no one knew).

The Gift that Keeps On Giving
Selecting art is not a ho-hum experience. I LOVE it when someone purchases a piece from me because not only are they showing me at the time their making the choice how excited they are ... later they send me photos in their homes, tell me how
"Morning in Telluride," oil, 8"x10", ©2015 Jill Banks -- one of two 8x10s chosen today!
thrilled they are when the painting shines in the afternoon or appears at different times in the day, or how they sat on their couch just staring at it enjoying how it transforms the room. It will ALWAYS be enjoyed ... every day.

On the Sleigh
Today's gift-giving and selections mean twelve of my paintings will be tied up with care and sent/delivered to their new homes as soon as my co-elf -- husband Randy -- recovers from the flu or something-or-other that has him laying on the couch as I type. I know that the recipients will treasure well BOTH the art and the thoughtfulness and generosity of the Gift Givers.

"Sheepish," oil, 6" x 6", ©2015 Jill Banks -- one of 4 6x6s selected as a gift today!
Those twelve paintings were added to six others chosen in December and ten at my Home Studio Open House in November to make me feel well part of the Elf family -- excited for each of the recipients and purchasers and very happy you invited my art into your homes. Many, many, many heartfelt thanks!!!!!

You may deduce, too from this post that I make a good partner in gift giving and all schemes to make you and your loved ones very happy.  That's one of my many joys.

While there are lots of other times I've helped someone pull off an unusual gift, here are two additional examples:

Gift of a Non-Traditional Portrait Commission, realized.
Gifts for Appreciated Board Members: The gift-giver offered a non-traditional portrait-to-be of mine. Many of my paintings capture people in casual, comfortable settings. To explain the gift, I put together a beautiful hand-crafted book with photos of my paintings that would help spark ideas for the recipients in planning their portraits. Then, I worked with them to bring that idea to life.

Gift for the Bride and Groom: The Mother and Father of the bride  commissioned me to come paint on site during the reception with the resulting painting  a special gift for the bride and groom. My presence and the present were a total surprise ... and the bride later told me that she was wondering who was crashing her wedding (when she saw me at my easel).  Guests at the wedding really enjoyed my being there and the couple were thrilled with the final painting. (I finished the painting two months later from that memory and a few photos taken in between brush strokes.)
"The Wedding Party," oil, 18"h x 24"w, ©2013 Jill Banks -- Present for the bride and groom

Read about that adventure on these two blog posts:
"Right After "I Do"" and
"The Wedding Party Gets a Visit"

Cherished presents.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Thanks for reading!


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