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"The Wedding Party" Gets a Visit

"The Wedding Party" Review

"There We Are"

Remember my telling you about painting during the wedding reception at the vineyard late June? My being there and the painting that resulted were a surprise gift from the bride's parents for the newlyweds. The couple, Lauren and Chad Martin, happened to pass through the DC area toward home from their honeymoon in South Africa yesterday. So they arrived at my doorstep, 28 hours into their journey back to Colorado -- to see the painting -- accompanied by her parents, the gift givers. Of my four visitors, I'd only met one. But it's funny, when you spend time painting someone and attend their wedding (sort of), you feel like you already know them.

I'd set a display easel up in the family room (well, you can see) -- and it's a straight line of view from the front door to the fireplace. It's always fun when suddenly someone realizes that the painting up ahead of them ... is of them.  Even if they know it's around there somewhere. I mean really fun.

Lauren's mom was the first to say "There We Are."

All four were excited about the painting, and "The Wedding Party" held plenty of surprises. Although one of the goals was to keep it impressionistic in style -- more a depiction of a wedding party in a vineyard setting -- versus a portrait of all the guests, Lauren and Chad were surprised to see how much they looked like them.

I so enjoyed getting to meet this very neat couple. Since they were rather busy during their big day, we hadn't even said hello -- and it could have easily been the case that the painting would be sent off and we'd never meet.  I loved Lauren's story of getting ready in the bridal suite and seeing me at my easel out on the lawn. She was wondering who that person was out there preparing to crash their party. 

Another funny anecdote. I don't hear well. (Okay, that is not the funny part.) Lauren and Chad were asking about how the painting gets packaged up to ship to them, how to care for it once there, etc.  I don't know what Lauren actually asked me, but my interpretation was unusual to say the least.  I answered that she didn't need to feed it.  They are probably still chuckling over that one.

I'm pretty sure they had just as much fun as I did yesterday. They are looking forward to "The Wedding Party" hanging in their new home. Sounds like their walls are a bit bare. I hope they let me help them with that through the years.

There's one small change left to make and soon it will head westward.  Cool project. Very happy reveal.

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"Spanish Steps," oil, 20"h x 16"w, ©Jill Banks 2012
"Spanish Steps" gone to a new home.  Yesterday I received an email from a man who had seen "Spanish Steps" at Greenberry's Coffee and Tea in McLean. He was interested in purchasing it -- or having his wife purchase it for him as a birthday present. His wife agreed -- as long as the piece fit the spot he planned for it to hang. Could they try it out? Randy and I swapped out another piece for it at Greenberry's, took it to its new potential home. Down came a gold painting in a gold frame on a gold wall and up went "Spanish Steps" -- and seriously, it was a new room. The painting is gorgeous, and it looked it ... there in its new spot. So, the trial was about two minutes long. The verdict: I'll buy it.

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