Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Booth #1132 -- One of a Kind Show -- December 3-6

I shied away from being the voice of this ... my first ... video post on the blog but husband Randy's message is the same. Please visit me at the Merchandise Mart at Chicago's One of a Kind Show in booth #1132.

 See higher resolution video on YouTube:

It must take a whole lot of training to be in front of a camera. If I had to pick a spot relative to the lens, it would be in the back.

Booth #1132,One of a Kind Show in Chicago.
This is an amazing show. Each booth is a gallery or storefront and there are 600+ of them. Please make it to my aisle ... 1000 and I'm just about to the end of that. Randy and I have hung it with care.

This journey to Chicago's been bittersweet. I was born here at the Lying Inn Hospital in Chicago, Illinois and went to grade school in Markham and Homewood ... a long time ago.  All my Chicago memories are tied to my remarkable family. I kidded, not that long ago to one of my artist friends that I'd had a rough childhood. Anything but. With two amazing parents, I had beautiful role models to set the stage and add joy to every stage of my life to follow.

The last four months have been heartbreaking. Four surgeries (three back, one gall badder), four months in hospitals and rehab and an infection of the pseudomonas bacteria from one of those surgeries have left my Dad nothing like his strong, beautiful, inspiring self.  If anybody knows of a way to fight this nightmare, please let me know. 

If you are in Chicago, please come to the One of a Kind Show. Visit me in booth #1132 at the Merchandise Mart, December 3 - 6. Get more info on the events page at my web site.

And, I added a collections page for the 6"x 6" paintings created for this show. See some of them here.


HERE'S THE SCOOP on the One of a Kind Show

Show hours:
Thursday, December 3: 11am to 8pm
Friday, December 4: 11am to 8pm
Saturday, December 5: 10am to 7pm
Sunday, December 6: 10am to 5pm

Access a map to locate Booth #1132 here to view a PDF online. (You can navigate around the site from there for more info on tickets, directions, etc.

Phone: 703.403.7435


See the Events page for more info/updates
December 3-6: One Of A Kind Show and Sale, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL. Visit me in Booth #1132.  Help me spread the word to anyone you think might be interested in coming to the show.  Thank you!!!

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