Friday, April 3, 2009

My Second Studio Opens Tomorrow Night

After days of work, the new studio/gallery space I'm sharing with fellow artist Francie Vecchi will be open for the First Friday Open House, (today -- April 3), 7-9pm. Though still tiny by studio standards, this space is absolutely fantastic and shows our art beautifully. I love it ... and can't wait to share my enthusiasm with you. Watch out. It's really brimming.

Our little space is downstairs from the lofty Artists' Atelier: the studio space I share with 14 other artists. (Francie also has space there.) I will continue to use that space. I paint a lot... so you will probably find me either upstairs or downstairs.

What's exciting about the new space? Francie's and my artwork looks fantastic together. We each have our own distinct styles ... but our artwork is harmonious ... just like we are. You'll have to see it. Other pluses include a door (quiet and privacy is a plus sometimes) and windows (so people outside know that great art is inside).

The space is also quirky - so there's an adventure involved. When you enter Suite D, you walk into the main new teaching space for the Great Falls School of Art. You may have to step around some easels and students to get to our special space to the right.

If you can, stop by tonight, 7-9pm at 1144 Walker Road, Suite D, Great Falls, VA to check it out. I'll post regular studio hours once I know what will work.

web site:
phone: 703.403.7435

Both photos are taken outside the new space. Francie Vecchi's work is pictured in the bottom photo; mine in the top photo. I'd show more ... but my camera hand was apparently not very steady.

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