Saturday, April 9, 2011

Diane Scott Is Face #99; Happy Birthday Spencer; and a Strauss Fellowship Grant!

"Diane Scott: Face #99," oil, 12"h x 12"w, copyright Jill Banks 2011
I'm hovering around on cloud nine. (The good one.) As I approach the end of this incredibly daunting, challenging, wonderful journey ... I'm thankful for the one hundred people who volunteered to become a part of OUR project to paint 100 Faces in 100 Days. I'm proud of myself for thinking up such a challenging and perfect-for-me quest ... and following through. I've been painting 100 Faces in 100 Days. Today, Diane Scott was my 99th "Face." I started on January 1, 2011 with Dorry, Face #1. Today is the 99th day of the year. Guess what happens tomorrow...

Diane Scott is a fellow student and follower of Rob Liberace and she's been on all those art historical trips of his that Randy and I have enjoyed. She's really a beautiful spirit. And, I could listen to her voice for a million years. It's soft, gentle, soothing.

Three cool women
My last two faces have been up in the air lately. I'd planned for Diane to be Face #99 and me to be Face #100. Remaining flexible is a lesson from Art 101. Diane called me two nights ago from the Fauquier County hospital ... where she'd been hanging out the last few days. She was going to be transferred to Fairfax hospital to undergo a procedure and she wasn't certain whether she could make it today. She went through hoops (lots of them) to call me. That's dedication to this volunteer job! She's also gone on almost no sleep for the past few nights (hospitals don't make good hotel rooms), so this took a huge effort ... which is much appreciated.

We had lots of wonderful conversations. We shared funny "horror" stories of trips with our young kids though hers definitely topped mine. I loved hearing Diane talk about taking classes with Rob quite awhile ago and how she loved preparing the paper for drawings. (I love that, too ... but never would  have thought to say that.)

Diane retired from nursing two years ago and now all she wants to do is art. I get that, as does it seem, everybody else I know who really tries their hand at it. It truly is a passion that grows. And grows. And grows.

Happy Birthday Spencer!
Face #87 turned eight today! Congratulations and I hope you had a wonderful day.

Strauss Fellowship Grant
Today, Randy handed me a "fat" envelope from the Arts Council of Fairfax County, received via mail. Chances are a fat envelope's better than a skinny one. I'd applied for a Strauss Fellowship grant  in January ... to help support my 100 Faces in 100 Day project and exhibit. (I won one in 2008 and awardees are eligible after three years to reapply.) I love letters that start with "Congratulations" versus "We received a record number of outstanding entries ...". I was awarded one of eleven individual artist grants for what I believe is a fantastic project to promote the arts in Fairfax County. Thank you to the Arts Council of Fairfax County!

Face #100 is not as planned. Not mine (although I may show up very soon). It's going to be a great day. Great post. You absolutely have to come back .

100 Faces in 100 Days Project:
Phone: 703.403.7435

Here's a Repeat: You've Got to See the School! Register Now...
Wow! I went to see the classroom that I normally teach in ... now expanded to include my previous second downstairs studio at 1144 Walker Road, Great Falls, VA. Wow again! I'm so excited about teaching there in May. The expansion made all the difference. It gets great light. There's plenty of room. Such a difference. I'll try to take a photo of the classroom soon and post it here. Yea!

Get info about the classes I'm offering on the Classes page on my web site. Portrait Painting and Drawing. Still Life Painting in Oils. A workshop on "Mastering the Business of Art" on May 25 & 26, 6:30-9:30pm. Sign up. Be happy!!!


Cindy Grisdela said...

Congratulations, Jill!! Fantastic news. Enjoy your day and your accomplishment today. You've earned it!

Jerry Stocks said...

Jill, congrats on receiving the grant and thanks for the birthday greeting for Spencer. He will love it. Can't wait to see face 100. You've done it; so happy for you.

Nancy K said...

Huge congrats on the grant, but mostly, congrats on getting to Face #99!! I was betting on a self-portrait being #100 so now you have me wondering.... It has been, and continues to be, a terrific project and I am thrilled to have been a part of it!

Anonymous said...

Jill, I've just spent a thoroughly enjoyable hour perusing your blog and your 100 faces, or actually, your 99 faces! What an undertaking! I love what you've done--you get a sense of the depth behind each face, or so it seems to me. I LOVED the paintings of your family, especially of your phenomenal parents (favorite aunt and uncle, for sure)!! I wished we lived closer so that I could spend more time getting to know you much better. Anyway, congratulations on a wonderful collection! Can't wait to see who tomorrow will bring! love, Beth

jbhbeloved said...

Congratulations Jill on accomplishing your goal of 100 Faces in 100 days and getting a grant. You rock!
Joan and Oscar

Jill Banks said...

Thank you, Cindy, Jerry, Nancy, Cousin Beth and Joan and Oscar,

I loved your comments! Thank you. Be sure to see Face #100. I may be doing a self-portrait since I've now had an awful lot of practice ... but it will have to wait until post London trip.

I'm going to have to find a way to continue getting to know other people better ... as I have these first 100 days. That has been such an amazing treat.

I couldn't have gotten to #99 or #100 without those of you who volunteered to sit. Thanks for being part of my project.