Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Chocolate Cupcake" Painting of the Day and More...

Today's been a busy day. I finished a portrait that's been a major project of Bob Borchers, my client, and mine ... and "unveiled" it this afternoon. I will need to talk more about this special portrait and show a photo later, someday soon. We'll be going over to FrameMasters (my favorite framer) to pick out a frame for it tomorrow. By the way, FrameMasters has a $25 off coupon for custom orders on minimum orders of $125 through January 31. See their web site:

Well, a little more now ... I have been working the past three weeks (while preparing for the Christmas holidays) to finalize the portrait painting. I strive (I mean, REALLY strive) to produce the best work I possibly can. This portrait has been by far the most challenging painting I've undertaken, and I'm relieved that it exceeds my sometimes ridiculous expectations.

So, as a treat ... I produced "Chocolate Cupcake" this afternoon ... something easy and fun. It's really important to me to keep changing the type of work (subject matter, size, complexity) to keep my enthusiasm (passion) for each project at a high level. That excitement shows.

See also "Cupcake", "Four Square" (painting of four donuts), and my "Me O My! Donut" for some more of my small food paintings a day ... or just keep looking at Older Posts. There are lots of them!

"Chocolate Cupcake", oil on stretched canvas, 5" x 5", copyright Jill Banks 2008.

Reminders: Register now for classes at Loudoun Academy of Art and the Great Falls School of Art. I'm teaching a workshop "Mastering the Business of Art" January 13 & 14, 6:30-9:30pm in Great Falls in addition to a portrait and still life class. See my post on the Great Falls School of Art winter classes and workshops.

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