Monday, April 21, 2014

Trip To Assisi

Assisi, photograph copyright Jill Banks 2014
Saturday we traveled to Assisi, Italy … a long, scenic bus trip from Florence. The forecast called for rain and there were sprinklings on and off en route and as we arrived.

After several posts about this trip to Florence, one message sent to me related that I “may just be stuck in Paradise.”  Could be true …  Paradise does include though sore feet (because there is so much to be seen), sore shoulders (because art supplies, cameras to capture Paradise must be carried to the destination) and an occasional need for an umbrella (because this grass had to get green somehow).

Assisi is beautiful, clean, stunning with unusual architecture, great shops (as seen from the doorway), incredible vistas at every turn, fountains, flowers, churches, an ornate carousel, celebratory atmosphere.

We saw frescos by Giotto at the Basilica di San Francesco … a visual narrative of the life of St. Francis. My only art-making on Saturday was a fairly quick sketch of a sculpture of St. Francis in the nave of the church.

Suddenly it was after 2pm with a bus departure of 3 – and a long uphill climb to get to the front gates. I don’t remember ever walking up a steep hill while consuming a sandwich before. It brings new meaning to “to go.”

Student to Teacher
As a traveler with the group as an attendee, I keep thinking about my own painting workshop in Italy ahead. (Nice thought. When I say “arrivederci” to this trip, the next beckons shortly.)

Each fellow traveler has their own agenda, own hopes, energy level. Some try to fill every moment – take advantage of every opportunity. Others follow the beat of their own drum … bowing out of a day’s activity if it doesn’t suit or some other  destination’s call is stronger. 

Taking care of all those wishes reminds me … though distantly … of my parents’ entertaining during family reunions … chatting with the early risers and being there, too, with the night owls.

I’ll set some friendly boundaries … giving it my all  for a large bit of the day with some leftover to rejuvenate for the next. At least, that’s the plan for now.

What I do know is that this country awaits a great adventure that I am so looking forward to co-leading (with Mary Beth Gaiarin as host, me as instructor). I’m  getting my Italian painting muscles in awfully great shape.

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