Monday, January 6, 2014

"Raggedy Ann" Start Today

"Raggedy Ann" work in progress (this is just the underpainting), oil, 30"h x 30"w,©Jill Banks 2014
And in a minute I'll head back down to my studio to enjoy painting away.

A successful weekend "Mastering the Business of Art" workshop has passed. The first day of my Winter Portrait class starts next Sunday, January 12 (there are still a couple of spots left if you want to grab them). Then Still Life  on Tuesday, January 14.

This Friday, January 10, 7-9pm come celebrate the awards reception for the Great Falls School of Art Annual Student Exhibition being held in the Artists Atelier, 1144 Walker Road, Suite G, Great Falls, VA. See what students, young and older have been creating in 2013.  The exhibit runs from January 8 to January 29.  Open Wednesdays and Saturdays, noon to 4pm throughout the month.

And for my regular blog followers, my niece Annie is home from the hospital, happy and healthy, celebrating "Christmas" dinner a little late.

Our daughter Sarah was accompanied by a much better used Raggedy Ann doll through many of her early years.  Memories.

Start the New Year Off Artfully

Sign Up for Classes and Workshops that Start January
Still Life in Oils -- Tuesdays, 10am-1pm (Full with wait list)
Portrait Painting -- Sundays, 1:30pm-5:30pm -- please join us.
All taught through the Great Falls School of Art (1144 Walker Road, Suite D, Great Falls, VA).  See the Classes page on my Web site: Don't wait! (Please. I don't want you to miss out.)

Phone: 703.403.7435

Artists Atelier, Great Falls VA website:

January 10-28: Great Falls School of Art Student Exhibition, Gallery in the Artists Atelier, 1144 Walker Road, Suite G, Great Falls, VA 22066. Reception/Awards: Friday, January 10, 7-9pm. Open Wednesdays and Saturdays, noon-4pm.

February: Flowers and Chocolates, Gallery in the Artists Atelier, 1144 Walker Road, Suite G, Great Falls, VA 22066. One of our best exhibits of the year. Open Wednesdays and Saturdays, noon-4pm. Receptions, events to be announced

February: Jill Banks Solo Exhibit at Katie's Coffee in the Old Brogue, Great Falls, VA

More to come.


Christine said...

So happy to hear about Annie! And I am super excited that you are doing raggedy ann in color. I love the pencil version of her.

Joani Stotler said...

I love this piece and had a question about your underpainting. It looks like maybe you may have used transparent red oxide to block in the design. Could you tell me what your canvas was toned with in the beginning? Thank you for sharing the first stages and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished painting.

Jill Banks said...

Hi Joani,
I toned my canvas with yellow ochre right before starting the underpainting. The shadows were then painted with a mixture of transparent earth red and French Ultramarine Blue. Darker parts have more French Ultramarine Blue in the mixture.

Thanks for asking and viewing. I'm having a ridiculous amount of fun working on this one -- although it sure kept me up late!

Thanks, Christine -- too!