Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Antique Singer Sewing Machine ... and an Apple

"Apple Singer (Sewing Machine)," oil on Centurion oil-primed linen panel, 16"h x 20"w, ©Jill Banks 2014
What began as my demo painting for Tuesday's Still Life class, kept on going last night and then again today.  It isn't easy. Or quick.

Some very nice soul donated this antique Singer sewing machine to the Great Falls School of Art. I love it! In setting the stage for the demo ... I knew it would be included and needed some color. This same type of apple has been keeping me busy on my "Raggedy Ann" painting in progress. Fun lumps and bumps and color.

This needs a signature. Perhaps some final tweaks come daylight.

Good Life
I have to share a couple of moments in this very good life. I might be repeating myself (a blog hazard), but while special times come very often ... some really stand out. I'll mention a couple. More will come because they've been front and center in my mind lately.

The young student who showed up for a cancelled class (not mine) who found out who I was, was thrilled and told me she LOVED my work.

Young Hannah, (5 years old?) who wants to buy my work and wants her mom to keep taking classes from me ... so they "don't lose Jill" (me). (Lots of luck with that. They won't, class or not.)

A gift from a new student who had taken my business workshop and is now enrolled in another of my art classes.  I wouldn't have thought that the Mastering the Business of Art workshop would have such an impact, received such heartfelt thank yous.  But it has.  I want others to be able to succeed at pursuing their dreams ... and offer encouragement, caution, personal discoveries, stories, tools to navigate their art careers, build their businesses.  It isn't an easy road, but it sure can be a beautiful one.

Another new student commenting on how much she loves the ledge on which "La Chien de Grange" sits.  (The beautiful French barn dog that will be going to its new home some warm day ahead.)  I love that ledge, too. And the dog. And that someone really looks at the ledge and dog I painted ... to remember them. Love them.

I am so sure that this is what I was meant to do.  That includes teaching students to paint, and to build the means (sharing their art) to the end (letting them create more, better).

The first week of my classes have passed. You could still join us ... for the Portrait class, at least. (See my classes page.) Other Great Falls School of Art classes start soon.

Price Increases on February 1
February 1, prices on all my pieces are heading up. Take a look at the website and if one of those works is on your list ... consider purchasing it at pre-February 1 prices. More specifics coming up here and on my site.

Sign Up for Classes and Workshops that Start January
Still Life in Oils -- Tuesdays, 10am-1pm (Full with wait list)
Portrait Painting -- Sundays, 1:30pm-5:30pm -- please join us.
All taught through the Great Falls School of Art (1144 Walker Road, Suite D, Great Falls, VA).  See the Classes page on my Web site:

Phone: 703.403.7435

Artists Atelier, Great Falls VA website:

January 10-28: Great Falls School of Art Student Exhibition, Gallery in the Artists Atelier, 1144 Walker Road, Suite G, Great Falls, VA 22066. Open Wednesdays and Saturdays, noon-4pm.

February: Flowers and Chocolates, Gallery in the Artists Atelier, 1144 Walker Road, Suite G, Great Falls, VA 22066. One of our best exhibits of the year. Open Wednesdays and Saturdays, noon-4pm. Receptions, events to be announced

February: Jill Banks Solo Exhibit at Katie's Coffee in the Old Brogue, Great Falls, VA

More to come.


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