Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Home Studio Open House ... Happy Folks!

Imagine my Mom in the chair...
One of my favorite, yet most exhausting days of the year was yesterday -- for my now annual Home Studio Open House for collectors and students. This is the day I pretty much tie up my art and "world" with a bow ... as a present for those who help me afford to do what I love best.

There were a lot of special people celebrated yesterday -- those who pretty much accept me when they love/buy/live with my work. There's no separation. I'm woven into the canvas. And I love them back. Like it or not.

I missed some special folks who were absent. A holiday open house competes with so much and each year my planning involves crossed fingers. Yet the day brought many of my long-time great supporters, newcomers, family members of guests, new friends. Still, amazingly, about 100 of a list not that much longer showed up ... school night and all.

While the day is a blur in the living, this morning brought memories of the neat gatherings and moments encountered throughout. I received wonderful notes. Saw new friendships formed. Got thank yous for lessons learned. Perceived (appreciated?) my work a bit differently through borrowed eyes. Realized that we (Randy, Mom, Dad and I) created something really super special.

Our home was filled with decorations, three floors of art, happy impromptu gatherings of many of my favorite people -- enjoying the day designed with them in mind. My mom was close by the door to welcome guests and get a name tag attached. Dad was everywhere, fixing drinks, cleaning up, bringing good cheer. Randy was a blur in what few photos I took in the lightest portion of the action ... handling purchases, packaging, food, whatever was needed.

There were many newcomers as this year added many first-time collectors and students.

Everyone there has some sort of connection. Like going to a wedding. How do you know the bride? Yesterday the connection was my art.
Family room with "Garden Girl" presiding

Eight pieces have found new owners -- with what I know as many more checked off on holiday wish lists. 

The purchases include:
  • "Autumn at the Marina"
  • "Neigh There Too"
  • "Clouds in the Sky"
  • "Daffodils"
  • "Peony and Rose"
  • "Orchids and Orange"
  • "Rainbow"
  • "Great Falls Farmer's Market"
All of these pieces are great choices. I'd be incredibly happy to own each myself. (I did ... for awhile at least.)

"Montmartre Shadows" with "The Kitchen Caper" in background
Photos are missing people. Post-party. As usual. I cannot be hostess, meatball maker, photographer ... at once. A lesson in reality, most needed.

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"Autumn at the Marina" under new ownership
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