Friday, August 26, 2011

"Monkeying Around" Beanie Baby Painting #6 and Visitors

Beanie Baby Painting #6: "Monkeying Around," oil on panel, 6"h x 6"w, ©Jill Banks 2011
As my exhibit "100 Faces in 100 Days" draws to a close, I've been encouraging people to come in and take a look before it's gone. (Randy and I take it down next Wednesday, August 31.) That worked today ... especially with Hurricane Irene threatening to swipe away tomorrow's hours.

My first visitor (who arrived before I got there) was Jeff Mizell. I met Jeff at last Sunday's Reston Century bike race (I'd won 1st place in the t-shirt art competition so my painting was printed on the back of shirts given out to all the riders). He'd come to see my 100 Faces project a couple of days ago and in addition to talking about the project and art in general, I pointed out the first five paintings in my series of nine Beanie Baby paintings. After purging our house last year (taking all the extra good stuff to places where it could then end up in good, new homes) prior to a move, I found myself short on what we used to be really long on ... i.e. beanie babies.

The Candidates for #6, #7, #8 and #9. Thanks, Jeff!
Today, he arrived with two very large plastic boxes filled to the brim with potential candidates (from his now grown kids' collections) for my last few small panels. He encouraged me not to worry about keeping too many. If I thought I might want to paint it, it went into the keep for now pile. Tonight I took a photo of all the candidates I kept.

Each time I paint there are so many converging influences. For the Beanie Baby Mini Project, I have a stack of fun-colored scrapbooking paper from Michaels that I select to complement my "model." Those are set on my laptop on top of a sculpture stand I can put at various heights. Today, I paid tribute to another of this afternoon's visitors.

Soon after Jeff left with the non-candidates, two of my special faces (Joan Bell-Haynes and Oscar Haynes) entered with friends visiting from Alabama.  We sat and talked and then the door opens again and Christine came in -- one of my faces and mom of two others -- including my youngest subject, then six-and-a-half-month old Bailey. Part of the fun with this project is that visitors get to find the other faces on exhibit... as in, can you find me ... or do you see anyone you know?

Joan, Oscar, and their friends Lou and Carolyn kept us laughing and enjoying time together. Christine mentioned that her cheeks hurt from "too much funny." Mine did, too.

So, my additional influence ... for this one beanie baby is that Christine, for her day, wore a chartreuse shirt and colorful scarf. Chartreuse is a favorite color for both of us ... and we talked about that.

The fact that I had a shorter time to paint -- meant I had to keep it simple. Thus, full circle, beanie baby #6.

See Beanie Baby Painting #5. Beanie Baby #4.

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Jerry Stocks said...

I love the table and wall colors. You are on your way to brighter colors. FYI: I am now a full time college student and hopefully will have my degree in Studio Art in two years. I thought you might want to add this info to your book of 100 faces.