Saturday, August 27, 2011

Part Two: Painting "Cars and Coffee" at the Old Brogue This Morning

"Cars and Coffee" work in progress, 16"h x 20"w, ©Jill Banks 2011
 This is my second post of the day ... be sure to check out "Radishes" in the previous post.

My painting of the Great Falls Village Centre and the Old Brogue continued early this morning in a planned Part Two. From 7am to 9am each Saturday, owners and enthusiasts and spectacular cars gather in the parking lot in front of the Old Brogue Irish Pub for coffee and, probably, oohs and aahs. I couldn't hear the discussions as I was up on the hill ... painting. The parking lot was full ... as in all the spots ... with cars and people. I know that's not the scene presented, yet. I've got to think about how much I want to describe the view. It's tough to take in. It will change over and over. (I plan to return for one or two more Cars and Coffee to finish.)

Even though I have more to paint, "Cars and Coffee" is to be considered sold as of this morning. Its future owner prompted me, many times, to check out those events as potential inspiration for paintings. I admit it -- I get it. I loved being, and painting, there.

I got a close-up, guided tour of the cream car -- that's gorgeous -- and that happens to belong to "Cars and Coffee's" future owner. I swear I didn't know. In my previous painting session, I had painted in three, not-so-fancy cars as "placeholders" for their better looking cousins. The cream Kaiser Darrin replaced the one that held its spot.

I had plenty of company. Lots! Both familiar and new faces, young and older, all very enthusiastic about my being there and my painting. This morning felt like the Great Falls, VA version of the bar on "Cheers." Probably more so to the Cars and Coffee regulars. The difficult part is waiting until I can go again.

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