Monday, May 9, 2011

"Sunlight, Sunflowers and Orange" Painting Start Today

"Sunlight, Sunflowers and Orange" wip, 24"h x 18"w, oil, Jill Banks 2011
This afternoon, after teaching my Portrait class and having a late lunch with husband Randy, I embarked on my first non-demo painting after my 100 Faces project. Over the weekend of receptions, I was asked, often, what was next. Big question. I was, and continue to be, immersed in the power of the last project. It makes it more difficult to move on. I'm going to continue my quest (forever) to become the best painter/artist I can be. I want to take paintings to their "proper" conclusions. Work on them until I'm fully satisfied. I'm working on what to paint.

For today, I struggled with what this first painting would be. I decided to follow with tradition. I painted the beautiful sunflowers that my dad arranged for my reception on Saturday. This weekend, by far, was the most memorable, rewarding, wonderful, ... you  name it... art event for me. I cannot imagine ever feeling better about what I've done. Painting the flowers bring to mind all the great moments enjoyed.

"Sunflowers and Gladioli" is on view at the Great Falls Library in May
So "Sunlight, Sunflowers and Orange" is it. This is a slowly developing series. Paintings of flowers from art openings. You can see the painting from my "On the Bright Side" show opening flower arrangement ("Sunflowers and Gladioli") on view with my 100 Faces at the Great Falls Library this month. Do you know that I'm giving a demo/artist's talk there, at the Great Falls Library, 9830 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls, Va on Saturday, May 21 from 2-5pm? That's a pretty funny combination ... but I hope to give you a bit more of an understanding of my project while painting another "face." What a test.

I'm not done with "Sunlight, Sunflowers and Orange" yet. But I like it. I love the idea of the subject in shadow surrounded by strong light. This one will benefit from an additional painting day. It's definitely different. Inspiration took awhile to strike. Perhaps that's another offshoot of my project. Rediscovering the chance to poke around for inspiration. Not going directly to work.

My portrait class is filled with still life students who approached a living, breathing model for the first time around me today. They were really, truly rocking and rolling. Amazing! They realized, and appreciated, the "rush" that comes from painting a subject that's just there for a short period of time. Just for you.

100 Faces in 100 Days Exhibits
All 100 faces will be on view two times this Spring/Summer.  Come see!
May 3-31 at the Great Falls Library, 9830 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls, VA
Demo/Artist’s Talk: Saturday, May 21, 2-5pm
August 1-31 at the Gallery in the Artists' Atelier, 1144 Walker Road, Suite G, Great Falls, VA 22066
Reception: Friday, August 12, 6-9pm
Ice Cream Social: Saturday, August 13, 2-4pm
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Jerry Stocks said...

Jill, you are an amazing artist and person. I am going to my Peggy Kroll Roberts workshop next week in Charlotte. I am also planning to go to college this Fall to get my degree in Fine Arts. So lots going on with me like you.

Jill Banks said...

Congratulations, Jerry. No moss is going to grow on our feet, I suspect.

Enjoy you workshop. I'd love to hear about it.

That's very exciting about going for your degree. Quite a commitment.

My dad just turned our backyard into the most beautiful garden. I've got to paint it today. Time to get going!