Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Rainy Day in NYC" Sold Today & the Great Falls Farmer's Market

Just a few minutes ago, I got a great call from the Art League Gallery that my "Rainy Day in NYC" award-winning painting sold today. It's still in the show -- paintings remain there until the 'scapes exhibit ends on September 6. There is an Opening Awards Reception on Thursday, August 12, 6:30-8:00pm where I'll be receiving the Chameli and Amiya Bose Memorial Award for best oil or acrylic painting on canvas. Here's an excerpt from the Juror's Statement about "Rainy Day in NYC":
I like the handling of the paint and light. The abstract quality is really nice. I love how the patches of color come together to make the painting work. The composition and perspective are excellent.
           - Joey Manlapaz, artist & faculty member of Corcoran College of Art & Design, juror
Read the rest of the juror's statement on the Art League's blog.

And to think I was worried about not drinking coffee out of my "lucky cup" this morning.

I spent the morning at my booth at the Great Falls Farmer's Market today. Artists from Great Falls Studios (a merry band of 90 artist members who live and/or work in Great Falls) take turns at setting up an individual booth at the Farmer's Markets on Saturdays. This was my second time there this year, and I'll do it one more time on Saturday, September 25. It's a lot of work to set up/take down... and I was, sort of, dreading it. (I'm worn out from our house move/ongoing renovations.) Still, it was thoroughly enjoyable. A musician soothed right next to me. And when I wasn't talking to someone, I was drawing "Jennifer's Pastries", the very popular booth right across from me. You should have seen their pies fly out of there. My paintings weren't moving as rapidly... but they were well appreciated.

I'll show you "Jennifer's Pastries" later ... when (and if) it has more substance. At the moment, I don't think you'd be impressed. That's a sign that I had plenty of folks to talk to.

One of my favorite moments this morning was overhearing a conversation a dad was having with his very young daughter. He asked her "how she knew that painting ["Birds of a Feather" shown in the upper left of my booth] was of New York City". She replied "because of the pretzel stand." Obviously, she spends her time in NYC the same way I did as a kid. I also talked to her about those pigeons. She once fed pigeons her pretzel. Maybe that's why they're hanging out near the pretzel stand in my painting. Never thought about that.

One more thing I thought about after another conversation. I forget to mention some key points regularly. Here's my laundry list (in no particular order) of the things I want you to know about buying from me:
  • You are always welcome (locally, at least) to try out a painting in your home for a day or two -- to see where it would look best and decide if that's the one for you. Or I could bring the painting to your house to help you find the right spot. Or suggest something else. 
  • Frames can be changed. Don't pass up buying a piece of art that you love because the frame's too large or the wrong color or wrong style for you. I take pride in framing my art well ... but I'm far more interested in your getting the piece that you love than your sticking with the frame I've selected. It's about the art.
  • You can purchase my work over time. You suggest the payment plan that works for you. I really just want my art to go to loving homes. (It's in a lot of those already.) While you're paying it off, I get to enjoy living with it.
  • You are not seeing everything I have painted/drawn ... that is available for purchase ... ever. It's impossible for me to include everything on my web site, in a show or in my portfolio. I am constantly creating. Request a personal showing. I would be so flattered. Give me an idea of what you love that I've done ... and perhaps why ... and I'll arrange to show you works that I think you would also love. Or I'll just talk to you about the direction I'm taking right now and show you works on and off the easel. I really value you as collectors or potential collectors. The better I get to know you, the happier I am.
  • You can commission a work. So, if you love my work, but nothing is the right size/shape/color/etc. for you, talk to me about your space and wishes.
  • I accept MasterCard and Visa.
  • Do you know how wonderful it is to live with original, beautiful, inspiring art all around you? To have it greet you every day?

In a few minutes, husband Randy and I will return the screens and tent, unload my paintings at the Artists' Atelier (the studio I share with 15 or so other artists in Great Falls, VA) ... and then hopefully go out and celebrate. Won't that be nice?

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