Friday, February 20, 2009

"Rooster and Geraniums" Painting, Chelsea 32 Gallery and More

"Rooster and Geraniums" is today's painting. In a way, this is a "street series" painting since I spotted this rooster when walking along the streets of Carmel. Both roosters and geraniums make me happy ... so this seemed like a natural scene to capture in paint. Teeny, tiny touches are left ... which I'll take care of tomorrow.

"Rooster and Geraniums", oil on Senso linen, 14"h x 11"w, copyright Jill Banks 2009.

As to my Bethesda Painting Awards entries, I finally decided on submitting "Dining Al Fresco," "Randy and Me", "Italian Men", "Cabaret", and "Bellydancer II". Based on previous years' winners, it seems that my work is unlikely to be recognized in this particular competition -- but you never know.

Galleries Representing my work:
See Chasen Galleries at 3554 West Cary Street, Richmond, Virginia 23221 for many of my restaurant scenes and still life painints. Phone is (800) 524-2736. Please visit!

I'm one of 16 artists represented by Chelsea 32 gallery in NYC. Address: 2 W 32nd Street, New York, NY 10001. Phone is (646) 548-7991. Check out their newly update web site to see my donut paintings, Canal watercolor, "Boscs and Business Cards", "Cupcake" and "The Celebration". Fellow artists (and friends) represented by Chelsea 32 include fellow Atelier artists Elaine Elinsky and Jennifer Duncan; Karen Bateman, Tricia Ratliff and Trisha Adams.

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