Saturday, March 28, 2015

Unexpected History Lesson at Plaza de Cibeles

"Chariot Fountain at Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid," oil, 12"h x 16"w, ©Jill Banks 2015
My intentions were to paint in the garden outside the Sorolla Museum after touring the home, studio, and special exhibit of drawings and beach (playa) related work there.  My "olio" painting was not allowed (understandably so) but drawing would be ... and that I did until late afternoon.  I WILL give a review/blog about the museum later in the week. Now, it's enough to attempt to cover tonight's painting expedition. That, with a dinner ending at midnight Madrid time ... plus slow internet puts a crimp on my blogging time (and research). Facts are murky. Check them first.

After leaving the Sorolla Museum, I'd found my subject and a spot that would let me see my canvas, and subject, once darkness came ... which was soon.  There are so many fountains, grand circles, beautiful buildings to choose from ... but this one, in the middle of Plaza de Cibeles ... was calling my name the loudest.

Lights On,  Lights Out

I got set up and started briefly. I was happy to see the lights go on the fountain (a sight to behold) even before the sky turned dark. It was going to be a good night. Because the light had not yet faded, I worked on the drawing (in paint), figuring it could be adjusted in value (lightness vs. darkness) and color once the scene became a nocturne. It turned dark. The fountain was just starting to take shape on my canvas. 8:30pm came. I looked up. The fountain was off. The lights were off. What?

I continued to paint, hoping whatever afflicted my fountain would suddenly find a remedy. Many visitors kindly asked if they could take my photo. One seemed to know a bit of English so I asked him if the lights and fountain would go back on. They would ... at 9:30pm. They were off for an hour in observance of the end of the Spanish Civil War on March 28.  Okay, what are the chances that I would be standing there trying to paint a nocturne of this particular fountain on this evening, at that hour,  in Madrid, Spain?

The lights DID go back on at 9:30pm. The fountain started once again. I finished, packed my traveling studio back up and headed to the restroom, dinner, a place to rest my feet ... and to the hotel to tell you the day's tale.

Tomorrow ... there will be more.

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