Monday, March 30, 2015

People's Plaza: "Shadow of Cervantes" at Plaza de Espana

"Shadow of Cervantes," oil, approx. 16"h x 5.5"w,©Jill Banks 2015
What I loved about today:

Painting in Plaza de Espana ... capturing the statues of Don Quixote and his buddy, Pancho while hordes of people climbed on top of them ... riding the bronze horse and donkey along with the heroes. Policia were there, only caring if dog owners led their pups into the beds of cordoned off pansies, but not if I painted, or folks interacted with the art. My idea of perfect.

I did get a lot of visitors interested in what's happening at my easel.  That's par for the course and I'm glad they care to see.

After painting and lunch, we headed to Fundacion Mapfre for an exhibition of works from the Musee D'Orsay. Wonderful inspiration and I so want to paint a portrait with a nod to Leon Bonnat's "Retrato de Victor Hugo."  There have been many times that painting,  and particularly classical work has been ruled "dead," "passe" due to cinema, photography, "isms." Those declaring it so don't see what I see. The beauty possible when artist meets subject on canvas is extraordinary. We don't see in an instant. We see and a subject is revealed over time. It takes work, patience, skill, openness, thought. Dead or irrelevant? No. Timeless? Yes.

More of what I loved about today:

The group for the Art Historical Tour of Madrid and Beyond led by Rob Liberace arrived today.  Rob's passion for art is infectious/undeniable. His knowledge is encyclopedic ... but more than that he sees works through the eyes of a master artist. The perfect guide and group with which to enjoy this journey! Can't wait!

Painting at Plaza de Espanol
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