Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Still Life Class Demo

"Cherries, Pears and Wine" work in progress, oil, 20"h x 16"w, copyright Jill Banks 2013
Well, I kept working on this after class today (it's tough to stop), and there will be more time spent later, but it was started and got pretty far in the span of the first three-hour class of the Winter term (at the Great Falls School of Art). 

It's also the world's worst photo. I will try to get a replacement put up here tomorrow. I took this one in the classroom which always ensures that colors and contrast are skewed ... big time!

After three hours of talking -- a lot -- and painting -- it's time to rest all of me. Including my voice.  Tomorrow is the first day of my portrait class -- with another demo to come.

I didn't try very hard with the title. The wine is Bricco dei Tati Dolcetto from grapes grown on 80 year old vines on the southwest side of Mary Beth and Emanuele Gaiarin's hill in Piemonte. Mary Beth brought in the bottle (at my request) to be our "model" for the day.  So, the title might have been some sort of toast in Italian -- except that a trip to Paris looms in my future -- and what little grasp I have of any language other than English is slight indeed.  So, I'm not messing with Italian words until later in the year. Even for a title.

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