Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Not Sure Yet...

Well, tonight's post was intended to tell you what plans lay ahead for art in 2013.  But, I'm not ready yet ...

So instead, here are some of my (non-commissioned) favorite paintings from 2012 -- and a little bit about why.  The numbers aren't significant.  Just a way of keeping track.

"Stepping Out" by Jill Banks 2012
"Sunset in NYC" by Jill Banks 2012
"Sunflowers in My Studio II" by Jill Banks 2012
"The Brogue Bar" by Jill Banks 2012
"Purple Mountain Majesty" by Jill Banks 2012
  1. "Stepping Out," oil, 30"h x 24"w, private collection. There is just something so regal about these two -- and the painting struck a chord with me within the first 5 minutes.  I thought so highly of it -- it was consistently on view -- and spent just a few days in our house.  I was already too attached. Having it grace the walls too long would have made me more so.
  2. "Sunset in NYC," oil, 24"h x 36"w, private collection.  Started in my NYC hotel room shower equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows, I loved watching the city change -- and figuring out how to paint it at its best. The painting itself responds to the changing light. You should see it at sunset.  It looks amazing!
  3. "Sunflowers in My Studio II," oil, 30"h x 24"w.  This was painted during my month-long stay as a guest resident artist at the Torpedo Factory -- with the second of my NYC scenes (still in progress) as a backdrop.  It puts you right in there with me ... and it tells a story. I like coming up with solutions and finding my way. 
  4. "The Brogue Bar," oil, 18"h x 24"w, private collection.  I started this at my easel inside the Brogue -- capturing people as they appeared and when the painting surroundings were ready to accept them.  This is it -- with many twists taken into account. It was such a fun adventure with a happy ending.
  5. "Purple Mountain Majesty," oil, 12"h x 16"w, oil, private collection.  Actually, I could have picked any of the three from Tubac/Tucson or maybe others done plein air this year.  This trip (and the other adventures) were so much fun and somehow that fun found its way into those paintings.
It's been a pretty terrific painting year.  And, I would have included "Garden Girl" -- but she made her appearance just yesterday.

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Jerry Stocks said...

Can't wait to hear your plans for 2013. I finished the semester with a 4.0 average. Only one more semester to go.

Jill Banks said...

The 4.0 average is no surprise to me -- but congratulations!!!! I'd love to hear your comments on how this school venture has affected you -- what you've learned, would you recommend it to others -- all that.

I bet Christmas was fun with Spencer and Sandor! Wish the family a wonderful 2013 for me.