Sunday, May 16, 2010

"White Peonies" Painting Finished

I've been "missing" from blogging for the past week. Randy and I finalized selling our house yesterday ... something we knew was imminent ... and in addition to lots of showings, etc. we are now figuring out just where we're going to live next. It cut into my painting time.

Today, after checking out the Northern Virginia Arts Festival in Reston and touring open houses, I finished "White Peonies" -- the painting I started in Sherrie McGraw's workshop. It's such a quiet, moody painting -- but I'm happy with it, too. The strong contrasts and shapes, though, make it reach out across the room to pull you in for a closer look.

There are so many directions I want to go in ... it's hard to decide. Peonies got attention first because my peony models were looking very tired. Perhaps next will be to finish my dining room interior before my dining room turns into someone else's. Sounds like a plan.

One more thing. In my last blog I mentioned getting ready for class the next day. I need to do that again soon ... but classes are going so well. I love watching the progress being made in both my Drawing 101 and Oil Painting Atelier program. The Drawing 101 students are experiencing lots of "aha" moments and it shows. So interesting! The ability to draw really boils down to allowing yourself to see in a new and different way.  I will posting info on my new Summer workshops on my web site shortly.

"White Peonies", oil on Raymar panel, 20"h x 16"w, copyright Jill Banks 2010.

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