Saturday, May 8, 2010

Patil Portrait Delivered: Now on the Mantel

I've been storing up blog posts ... lots to come. Assuming I get them written. It's been a busy week. I'll show you later.

Yesterday evening, Randy and I delivered the portrait to the Patils and it finally is resting on their mantel. It looks BEAUTIFUL there. And, they are truly thrilled with it.

I feel tremendous about having met such a tremendous challenge, having satisfied my clients and myself. It's just awesome.

This is the largest canvas I've painted. I was thinking that it was the greatest number of subjects with four people and two dogs -- but I did paint six grandkids on the beach last year. Since only one of those was facing the viewer... this qualifies as the greatest number of faces painted in a commission.

I will be helping with frame selection next week.

Thought you'd enjoy this view of the portrait in its new home. That's (my husband) Randy on the left and Sangita Patil taking a closer look at the portrait. Read more about it in earlier posts: "The Patil Portrait Finished: Some Close-Ups" and "The Patil Portrait Unveiled".

Now, on to some new chapters in my life as an artist.

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