Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Ink Wash Drawing "Gondolier"

This past week, I created two new ink wash drawings of Venice that were displayed for the first time at the Farmer's Market yesterday. I used black ink (versus the brown ink used for previous ink washes), and was pleased with the effect.

I've been creating drawings more frequently lately. A few reasons for this new development is that I've been drawing and sketching to figure out compositions and plan out my portrait commissions (I have many of those) so that has put me into the drawing mode -- and brought my boxes of drawing materials into view. (A good visual reminder to get to work.) Another reason is that many of my paintings will be leaving my gallery & studio spaces this week to Chasen Galleries in Richmond, VA and in July and August for my solo show at the Great Falls Library. That means I have wall space to fill with beautiful new pieces. More incentive to get to work. Another reason is that other people appreciate the beauty of drawings -- as evidenced with a recent acceptance into NYC's Salmagundi Club's Annual Juried Art Exhibition with two of my drawings (see previous post to see those), a sale of a "Horse and Carriage" ink wash yesterday, and many compliments for another drawing I had in the exhibit, "Thumbelina".

"Gondolier", 8"h x 10"w inside mat dimensions, black ink wash, copyright Jill Banks 2009. Available through my studio.
"Horse and Carriage", ink wash & pen & ink, copyright Jill Banks 2009. Sold.

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