Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Plein Air Night Painting

Today's been a crazy day. For now, I'll talk about this evening's adventures.

I just got back from painting in the Great Falls Village Centre (in Great Falls, VA) on a small patch of grass, looking at the lights hanging from the Deli Italiano awning. I've wanted to paint outdoors (plein air) at night (paint a nocturne) for some time now. I missed out on painting Easton at night during a recent workshop because I was too exhausted to hold a brush. But, I figured that I could round up some company to do this in Great Falls and find some night I wasn't too tired to try it. Fellow artist Mehrnaz Moussavi and I picked tonight.

This is my first attempt. Essentially, I was painting in the dark. The street lamp just doesn't provide much guidance. I've discovered that my aim isn't that great when I can't see -- and colors can be completely out of whack. But it's fun!!!

For now, this is a work in progress. I may try it again tomorrow night -- working on this same scene and see how it goes. What I'll change is to really increase the contrast and bring along a small brush to help render the lights.

This was a large canvas (16"h x 20"w) to attempt. This was just one of many brave moves I made today.

I'll talk about my a.m. adventures tomorrow.

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